Make a Donation to BFCSA (Inc)

We sincerely thank you for your generosity in making a donation to BFCSA (Inc).  We are a non-profit organisation, so every donation helps us continue our work as the Global umbrella association of Consumer action, taking on the global lenders and financiers.  

Our mission is to collectively empower everyone in a properly organised quest for restitution against the Lenders and entities who are causing grief and financial hardship to thousands of people worldwide.

Simply make your donation via Electronic Bank Transfer using details below:


BankWestpac - Wongan Hills
Account No.     144661
Account Name       BFCSA 2

Then fill in the details below to notify us of your donation.

Surname of Person Making Donation:
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Reference used in EFT: Your Surname
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If you have any queries please email Denise Brailey [email protected]