Australian Mortgage Scandal Poster

Here is the Poster to place in your front yard (but still within your property boundaries), to give notice that your property is protected from unlawful action by your bank or lender.  

Instructions for using the Australian Mortgage Scandal Poster:

1)    Open up the attachment (Click here to open PDF)  Poster will automatically open.

2)    Place your cursor in the blank space below "by evidence against"

3)    A blank box will appear right there

4)    Type your bank's name or initials, like ANZ or NAB, or the full name of your bank like, MacQuarie, into the box 

5)    'Save' the file on your computer 

6)    Now 'save' a copy of your customised file to a disk or memory stick 

7)    Take your disk or memory stick to  OfficeWorks  - Click here for Store Locator , or another printing company like Snap Printing etc, whatever is available and convenient to you

8)    If it is OfficeWorks tell them you want it printed as Large Format Full Colour Printing

9)   Tell them you want it printed in 'Polyester' (plastic so that it won't get damaged by sun and rain), in either of the following sizes

                  A2 (420x594mm)    for $27.00

                  A1 (594x841mm)    for $46.00

10)   Attach the poster to a hard backing of some sort

11)   Attach this to a stick or rod, or even your letter box, as long as it is easily visible from the road.

12)   Take a photo and send it to us so we can put it into our gallery on the BFCSA website

If you have any questions please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for help

AMS Poster