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Article Name and Link First Paragraph

ASIC Repsonse to Questions:  Senate Hearing ASIC Response to Questions: Senate Hearing August 2012 Question 1 (Hansard Ref: p. 55)
Senator CAMERON: When you say ASIC will act on issues if they are raised, the evidence we had from the previous witness [Denise Brailey] was that correspondence had gone to ASIC seeking some support on the FirstMac and Streetwise issues and no support was forthcoming. Is that correct?
To:  APRA From: CHRIS DALTON Chief Executive Officer Australian Securitisation Forum
This submission is made by the Australian Securitisation Forum (ASF), through its Regulatory and Prudential Sub‐Committee. The ASF was formed in 1989 to promote the development of securitisation in Australia.

AOFM Submission and Interview: Senate Hearing CHAIR (Senator Bushby): Welcome. I declare open the fourth hearing of the Senate Standing Committee on Economics' inquiry into the post-GFC banking sector. This inquiry was referred to the committee by the Senate on 14 March 2012 for report by 31 October 2012.
I refer to ASIC's previous correspondence with you regarding low doc loans and your recent testimony at the Senate Economics References Committee Inquiry into the Effects of the global financial crisis on the Australian banking sector.

Gadens Solution 2007
To: BDMs and Brokers
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