Dear Members

After reading Denise's blog on Ian Narev it brought to mind an old saying " two faced". He has in his mind this image where the public think the banksters sole purpose is to look after the valued customer" GET REAL IAN even we mere mortals know a bank is a business like any other and has to make a profit to survive.

CBA and all the other greedy banksters weren't content with making healthy profits in a market which they dominated, no! greed gave way to good business sense and the bankster engineers and low life lawyers devised a scheme to rob societies most vulnerable.

Ian states a few rogue advisers tarnished CBA's reputation, I think not. CBA has a long history of bad press. Why have the brokers involved like Don Nguyen been silent? Why did they opt to be the scape-goats thus having their careers and reputations ruined? It would seem logical to pay half a dozen individuals handsomely for their silence than to compensate investors who litigate plus all the legal fee's. There are two sides to Ian Narev, the public side where he comes across on the consumers side and then there is the dark side where he will resort to any tactic to save the good ship CBA.

To show how out of touch he is, he  stated that John Symonds from Aussie home loans has high and ethical standards which he hopes to emulate as CBA eventually takes full control of Aussie.

Ian must be over the moon since the appointment of David Murray to the helm of the roots and branch investigation into the banks, I wonder if he speed dialed Joe Hockey to confirm that was a prudent decision? What about the silent CBA former advisers, will they be called to give evidence or are they all overseas living the good life thanks to CBA's slush fund for their silence?

One day Ian, you  and all your bankster mates will be exposed for what you are, unfortunately white collar crime doesn't carry the stigma it should and I think most of the banksters would wear it as a badge of honour but your day will come and BFCSA will be there to witness it. Thanks Neil T.