I was reading this article (link below at end) & was particularly concerned/apalled at one paragraph:

"Variant says the Reserve Bank will come to the rescue of the big four Australian banks in a crisis because they are too important to fail."

Is this why our banks treat us plebs (aka 'customers') with so much disdain & utter arrogance? The same attitude they displayed/presented/portrayed to the recent Senate Inquiry & those preceding inquiries? They believe they are too big too fail therefore they are above ALL laws in this unlucky country of ours?

The next paragraph is quoting an Australian Analyst's perspective. I think she is caught up in the banks' hype & has not got a good grip on what is occurring in her own backyard so to speak.

Then in her final paragraph this statement is made: "She noted that Australian banks were extremely profitable and now far less dependent on overseas markets for funding."

Ummmm, run that past me again . . . .  that is certainly NOT what those bankster keep telling the politician's or the RBA in this country as to their reasons for keeping rates at 'x' %.