Dear members

When I checked our email today SHOCK HORROR there was this lengthy email from Great Sites Australia promoting growth and cashflow one day seminars Australia wide hosted by a self proclaimed millionaire Dymphna Boholt. Ms Boholt has compiled a lengthy email with lots of graphs and some filmed segments. She is heavily promoting real estate and it appears to be focused towards mining towns and she claims this is the start of the next big boom( sound familiar) and is heavily promoting looking after your family and their futures.She claims to be an economist and accountant.

There is no mention on how to finance this money winner, you have to attend the seminar to find out, she also claims to not using negative gearing because you will be earning so much money you won't mind paying tax. She refers to the money you supposedly earn as "Passive Income" after all the normal costs are deducted.

Thanks to the banksters I trust no one now, to the uninitiated it sounds very attractive and the one day seminars will be very well pre-rehearsed with also people who have made money supposedly from it vouching for the scheme, ASIC for thousands of Australians can you please check it out or have you already rubber stamped it and given them the go ahead and what part are our bankster nemesis' involved and what sought of loans are involved?

Denise have you heard of this Dymphna Boholt before?

Members" Beware" the spruikers and banksters are at it again, are they targeting super which self funded schemes can invest into real estate? Thanks Neil T.

Ed:  YES INDEED and also Rick Otton and also Dominique Grubisa and the list goes on.  YES INDEED STAY AWAY and thanks for alert.  MY friend Neil Jenman also knows heaps of people stung by these spruikers.  What is ASIC doing?  PETER KELL told Senator Cormann in Parliament in Feb this year the same words Kell said in 2004: "we will be getting tough on Spruikers...."