Dad was a retired businessman and decided to invest in property, a long held dream. He started out purchasing a small house in the southern suburbs of Brisbane. He bought and sold a few more before buying vacant blocks and building homes on them. by October 2005 he had developed a portfolio of eight properties. he had been using the same bank since 1997 and the mobile home loan lender would visit whenever he needed to provide him with more funds.In 2006 Dad spent a lot of time in hospital with another knee replacement operation and a resultant infection to keep in for an extended period of time. His oldest  son passed away suddenly at the beginning of September and he had a pacemaker inserted for his heart in October also in 2006 the mobile home loan lender of the year for Suncorp loaned him $750,000.00, in two separate loans, to purchase four more properties over a thirty year term. This is almost double the size of mortgage he already had at the age of seventy five. Dad realised that this mortgage was too big to handle and began selling off some of his beloved properties to make the loan repayments more manageable and by early 2007 he had started to regain control of his assets when along comes Mr mobile home loan lender of the year and pushes a further $2.25M worth of loans onto Dad in four separate loans within six months. Dads actual income was less than twenty thousand dollars a year and the interest payments for these loans is in excess of one hundred and fifteen thousand dollars a year. The Bank never verified his income, all it was interested in was my fathers houses and now it is coming close to Dad losing all of his dreams to the Banksters fraud.