"A Royal Commission into the Australian Banking Sector is our democratic right.

To deny us that right is truly unAustralian."


There are many strong arguments in favour of holding a Royal Commission into Banking with wide terms of reference. 

One of the side effect of the Royal Commission is its capacity to bring the issues into every Australian home through the main stream media.

This in turn will generate far greater awareness of the serious anomalies and inherent risks within the Australian Financial Sector.

It may also answer the questions for so many Australians whose lives have been smashed by the deregulated "free market" Australian Financial Sector, directly and indirectly, including the big ones:

Why weren't we told?

How could this be allowed to happen in Australia?

Consumer protection isn't for just for the elderly - it benefits all Australians. We've been badly misled by those entrusted to protect us, our families, our homes and our livelihoods. There are far too many gaps in the system. BFCSA members can tell you all about it from bitter experience.

The Australian Royal Commission into Banking will result in the mainstream media flowing these important issues beyond the "business pages" of their reporting and onto the front pages of our dailies, talk shows and every other means of information dissemination both here and internationally.

The power of Audio Visual mass media presentation in getting the message across and reducing access issues cannot be overstated.

Previously complex financial issues can and will be discussed in plain English and other languages for all to grasp the true meaning and personal relevance of the facts.

Of course uncontrolled transparency is not a desirable outcome for banks, lawyers or Governments. There is ample evidence to support that statement.

Transparency is a very desirable environment for all consumers. Their calls for the openness and honesty appears to have fallen on deaf ears.

Without transparency and ready access to easily understood information on the real stories and risks of the Australian Financial Sector how can Australians make informed decisions for themselves and for those they hold dear?

The Australian Royal Commission process is people power in action.

All Australians can tell their stories.

All Australians can produce their evidence.

All Australians can get answers.

We deserve this right.

Attempts to downsize or obstruct the Australian Royal Commission into Banking are both undemocratic and unAustralian. 

We're all wondering what they're hiding. What lies beneath the tacit permission for the harming of up to a million Australian lives, both directly and indirectly, by default.

The Australian Royal Commission into Banking with wide terms of reference can ring in a new era of transparent and ethical conduct within the Australian Financial Sector and Banking in particular. Australian deserve a much better deal all round.

And those financial service providers who cannot or will not operate under the new order of consumer protection first and foremost are welcome to go elsewhere!