Recently a house was repossessed not by the conventional methods which I will not go into.  The home was eventually sold after an auction failed.

The home sold for $50K this was $55K less than it had been valued by the bank 4 years previously.  The cost associated with the sale were $20600.

Yes thats right over 40%.   I have proof of this.   The original debt was $30K on the home. Regular payments were made for over 2 years and the debt was down to $28K.   Then fiddling took another 12 months in which interest was being added monthly making the debt then $32K.   So after the funds were applied to the loan theres was still a debt of around $4K taking into account interest being added all the time monthly.  To this day the bank are still persueing that debt with threats of banktuptcy etc.  This was a loan application where the docs had been altered to full time employment by both applicants and in one instance a fictitious company name was added as employer.  One of the applicants was on a disability pension the other self employed.    These applications were presented in court distinctly showing the alterations by bank employees.  The banks counsel just waved his hands in the air like he was going to break into a dance and proceeded to tell the court they are no  consequence.  The worst thing is that the judge believed him. I would like to know how in the hell you get past these type of things.  To me fraud is fraud.  There is something really wrong with the judicial system when this sort of thing goes on.  The FOS, the banks, the lawyers, the bank employees are crooks to my way of thinking!!!!!!