Well no surprises hear!  COSL have sent me an email saying they will not be opening a complaint against PERPETUAL TRUSTEES VICTORIA LTD.

They continue to tell me I should deal with ADVANTEDGE FINANCIAL SERVICES who are my Mortgage Managers and that case of Fraud is closed because they (COSL) do not handle Fraud!

ADVANTEDGE have already sent you paperwork!

MY reply:I wish to make my complaint against PERPETUAL TRUSTEES VICTORIA (which clearly states on my contract and statements are my LENDER) for not supplying me the documents I have asked for.ADVANTEDGE  have not supplied me with the COMPLETE LAF for both loans nor have they provided me with the Service Calculator Sheet .They have also sent me someone elses loan contract and a copy of her title to her property all of which were in my VAULT!

COSL Reply: no case will be  opened against PERPETUAL TRUSTEES and if you wish you can contact  your legal aid office or if you have anything you wish to discuss you can contact me!


I didn`t realise they could refuse a case because I have dealt with the Mortgage Manager on a different subject. I wish to ask my LENDER for all documents seeing as the Mortgage Manager hasn`t provided me with all I have asked for.

WHO`S SIDE ARE COSL ON ?? Quite clearly not the consumer. Does anbody know of any case that COSL has handled go in the consumers favour ?