Watch out Australia (and anyone listening) we are under attack from your local Bank, yes you can believe this for it is true!!The Banks NOW TEACH Mortgage Brokers how to secure your mortgage illegally. The Bank/Broker manipulates you to sign papers thinking that you're getting a better deal when in fact the BANK is STEALING your home from under you with the stoke of a pen, and it isn't yours - and when you realise what has been done and try to defend yourself you are considered a LIAR and STUPID!!

I hope that all who read this will be FORWARNED - tell your spouse, family and close friends not to trust THE BANK with what you hold dear - your family, spouse or home.  There is no such thing as an HONEST Banker/Broker.  Always get a copy of your LAF Form (Loan Application Form) and keep it safe! This will prove your innocense. For without it the courts turn their banks on you and the BANK WINS your home as a CASH PRICE!! All because you thought you entered a NORMAL BANK LOAN.

Please pay attention or you will end up like us -