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Letter to AUSTRALIAN FEDERAL POLICE. Demand AFP investigate blatant Mortgage Fraud.

Posted by on in Corrupt Regulators
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Date: 27th Sept. 2012


Mr Tony Negus APM

Commissioner - Australian Federal Police

Edmund Barton Building,

47 Kings Avenue,

Barton ACT 2600

CC: Hon Mr Robert Clark - Attorney General – Commonwealth Fraud Control

3-5 National Circuit,

Barton ACT 2600



Dear Hon Mr. Robert Clark,

We  recently received a totally unsuitable response from you (copy attached) regarding our FORMAL COMPLAINT against the COMMONWEALTH BANK of AUSTRALIA (CBA), it’s Principals and internal Agents.

Rampant bank fraud is destabilising the economy and I am fully aware of the part my loan must have played in the overall activity.


The Fraud and Corporate Crime Group DOES have responsibility for conducting and assisting in investigations of major and serious fraud.



Examples of Commonwealth crimes - report these to the AFP

Fraud against the Commonwealth government

Theft from the Commonwealth government


Apart from the Fraud being perpetrated on us, the people of Australia, as individuals,

FRAUD AGAINST THE COMMONWEALTH GOVERNMENT by the Banks/lenders has also clearly occurred.

This is in the form of knowingly Fraudulent loans being sold by the BANKS/LENDERS to the Commonwealth Government as Residential Mortgage Backed Securities.(RMBS)



This is also in the form of those fraudulent RMBS loans sold by the banks/lenders to the Commonwealth Government. The commonwealth Government has purchased Billions of dollars worth of these fraudulent loans that are actually only worth a fraction of what they purchased them for.


THEFT FROM THE COMMONWEALTH GOVERNMENT has also clearly occurred yet again - in the form of lost income and lost taxes from those people & businesses that have been affected by this. 

Individuals & people's businesses cannot earn the income that they should earn because they are effectively paying massive amounts in interest TO THE BANKS, when some of that income should be going towards paying taxes to the Commonwealth Government instead. Therefore the Commonwealth Government is losing billions of dollars in lost income & taxes!




Our previous letter constitutes a formal request for an investigation into lending practises of the COMMONWEALTH BANK of AUSTRALIA (CBA), it’s Principals and internal Agents.


The reason for this request: I recently had cause to review my loan documents, related to a mortgage I have with the CBA.  During that process I discovered several serious anomalies in copies I have of the Loan Application Forms (LAF’s) that the CBA used to approve my original loan, that seem to constitute serious corporate fraud. 

The nature of the alleged fraud is easy to recognize, is universal and blatantly obvious.  The primary allegation of fraud is that a person or persons unknown altered the original Loan Application Form (LAF)  submitted to the bank, at a later unknown time, after my signature was obtained and without my authority or knowledge. 


The secondary allegation of fraud is that of possible serious company securities fraud related to the on-selling of my mortgage to an SPV or stock market Trust the CBAset up in the background.  This ‘Trust’ as it is called, is currently being traded on the stock market as an investment product. ‘Double dipping’ is one of the securities issues related to my secondary allegation.


Primary allegation of fraud on my LAF - Examples include, but are not limited to:


    My actual total income has been changed and in fact overstated, contrary to documented proof that was provided at the time, in the form of tax returns and other official documentation.

    The actual value of my assets has been changed and in fact overstated, contrary to documented proof that was provided at the time

    The actual cost of my expenses has been changed and in fact understated, contrary to documented proof that was provided at the time, in the form of official documentation, like bills and rental agreements


I repeat:  These changes were made to my LAF, AFTER I signed and submitted my original wet ink package of documents to the bank; these changes were made by person or persons unknown to me, without my authority, permission or knowledge. 


These allegations are easily evidenced by simply looking at the handwriting on the original copy of the LAF that I submitted to the bank, and comparing it to the different handwriting(s) on the copies the bank has used to approve my loan.  I suspect the original faulty figures were in fact calculated using the bank’s own calculator device.  I also suspect the figures were altered by credit assessors or staffers inside the banking institution.  Correction ‘whiteout’ has been used in some places and lines blurred and sometimes difficult to read.  


We are unsure if the signatures are actually ours and we would need to sight the “original” documents to ascertain this fact.  They may be cut and paste versions that cannot be distinguished on a bad photocopy.  We also note evidence of several people’s handwriting, some of whom we cannot identify and whom we suspect are internal staffers. 


We have also been told the identification documents collected by the broker are part of the bank’s obligations outlined by the Anti Money Laundering and Terrorism Act, and therefore the bank has transferred its legal obligations to the broker.   For that reason the Broker was acting as an agent of the bank and could not have arranged for the loan processed without those personal documents being handed over to the bank.


The reason I am bringing this matter to your attention, Mr Negus, is that the AFP is responsible for investigating crimes against the Commonwealth and against the national interest.


Serious, systematic mortgage and LAF fraud by our ‘Big 4’ banks and other licensed lenders, which includes MY bank, is a crime against The Commonwealth (that is the nation’s people), and therefore a crime against our nation.



Given the seemingly fraudulent nature of my bank’s loan approval methods and the seriousness of the criminal allegations put forward, it is my assertion that this blatant mortgage fraud is an unacceptable state of affairs and that my bank is committing fraud through LAF manipulation and questionable, possibly unlawful financial and corporate practices. 

The State Police advise they do not handle Commonwealth matters and as such we now clearly understand that our complaint is a matter for Commonwealth investigation by the AFP.


It is my endeavour to gain the truth concerning these serious allegations. 

As such, we demand that the AFP use the Commonwealth powers it was entrusted with in law, to conduct a preliminary investigation into this matter and report those findings to me.


Thank you for your attention and I await your urgent reply,


Without prejudice,


Wayne & Carol Styles.

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  • doyla66
    doyla66 Thursday, 27 September 2012

    We at BFCSA, shall delight in directing 'our' AFP boss to Commonwealth of Australia's [RMBS] "toxic waste dump" aka AOFM --AUS Office of Financial (Mis)Management, furthermore, we'll arrange for an AFP [sponsored] Fraud Frenzy After Party["the FFAP"}.

    # Facebook it on - AFP's site, coming event --"the FFAP" [amenities: punch & 'bankster rap' music];

    $$$$12Billions of tax payer dollars facilitated the purchase of stolen goods, by way of bankster engineered mortgage fraud;
    --Charge: RMBS "toxic" - menace aforethought [15yrs received per bankster 'rap' conviction]

    Madoff got stung for a lazy 150years - same "Ponzi Scheme" being commissioned here in australia!!!

    I should 'know', in 1800 as my ancestor:-
    Issac Moss 'escorted' on the 'Royal Admiral' to the colony (wife came free) on a 'lucky' rap;
    --receipt of stolen goods; [though, really purge of 'rag trade' participants].

    "Issac Moss, indicted for feloniously on the 29th of August (1797), two pieces of printed muslin, value 40s., the property of Benjamin Bailey and George Sutherland, part of the goods of which George Johnson was, at the last Assizes for the County of Surrey, convicted of stealing of stealing, he the said Isaac knowing then to have stolen. GUILTY. Transported for 14 years. Tried by the first Middlesex Jury before Justice Buller.

    Trial Records at the Guildhall Library and
    Home office records at the Public Record Office,

  • doyla66
    doyla66 Thursday, 27 September 2012

    WOW... Denise should send us another template so that we can all send
    another letter to the AFP just as you have done, and inundate them again about how unhappy we
    are with their response and resend them our last letter and force them to do something.

  • doyla66
    doyla66 Thursday, 27 September 2012

    Dear Outraged - just copy mine, change it a little bit & use that as a template if you wish. We must ALL keep writing to these useless nobs then they will be forced into upholding the Laws of this Land.

  • doyla66
    doyla66 Thursday, 27 September 2012

    Many thanks 'Outraged' regarding the 'radio-active' Commonwealth of Australia's --AOFM's hidden "Toxic Waste Dump".

    May i point out --we're currently just compiling all relevant information and is an ongoing priority [above is commentary only].

  • doyla66
    doyla66 Thursday, 27 September 2012

    Wayne & Carol - great letter once again - keep on hammering them & we will keep cheering you on :):D;)

  • doyla66
    doyla66 Thursday, 27 September 2012

    Carol & Wayne, I admire your pluck. Keep banging these doors, they will remember you and keep hoping you'll go away!

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