With a crime of this magnitude, there should never be rules and regulations that prevent fraudulent documents from being investigated. Why is the claim amount more important than the actual fraud? how do they rationalize this. At least examine the illegalities within the complaint before giving us the heartless flick. These positions attract a certain type of person - yes one who lacks integrity.These rules are obviously set up by the banks to protect themselves  - it also gives them the liscence to run riot and rob us blind and get away with it - it stands out like a red beacon. So why can't the regulators see it?? I say they can see it very clearly as they were in favour of it in the setting up stages. (money talks) This is why our letters asking for help are met with a white wash every time.

Their scheming self amusing little game is coming to an end - their fun is nearly over and it's very soon our turn to laugh!!