As if our farmers don't have enough to deal with -a lady from Walgett signed and wrote-

Because my family lost our homes and farms due to the NAB being able to seize our business and only assets in an unfair and unethical manner without being made accountable to any independent authority.

Australian banks are destroying family farmers and small businesses allowing large corporations to take control. If Agribusiness lenders are going to lend to farmers in a drought they should not be allowed to then refuse to finance crops and apply penalty interest rates to ensure the farmers goes broke, if they are prepared to lend and take the farmers only asset they should not be allowed to leave the farmer homeless which is what the NAB did to my family.

Goodbye family farmers, welcome to a culture of foreign backpackers with no commitment to Landcare or the community, this is what Australia's Agribusiness banks have done to rural Australia because they are answerable to no one.

Banks should not lend to farmers in a drought if their intention is then to refuse to finance their enterprises to repay the debt, farms should not be left to not produce food and fibre once an agribusiness lenders decides to move in on the borrower, these lenders should face harsh penalties for not respecting their Duty of Care to the borrower.

Banks have made a lot of money from farmers in government interest subsidies that were introduced to keep farmers on the land, especially penalty interest rates, and they do not even offer the farmer a $5.00 hamper once they have evicted the farmers treating them like criminals with sheriffs, bodyguards and locksmiths.

This is not the Australian way where we look after each other, and NAB agribusiness should know better, the bank that promotes itself as being the bank for all seasons. To me for an overhaul of Australian banks especially the agribusiness lending practices that are destroying family farmers forever. 

Maggie M