No confusion Mr Westpac; shame on you all > Your branch #shop61_Pacific Fair(Qld)Your 'former' branch manager.. quote:

"when approached(by CourierMail) the former bank manager refused to comment on the allegations.. . .after millions of dollars were lent to elderly pensioners for investment in the failed property scheme. . most of the loans were handled thru Wespac @ Pacific Fair. .a former manager personally secured loans for investors mainly thru Westpac . . but sometimes thru other brokers."  

Who will you target next. . the family pet bequeathed an estate???

Ring Fence the lot of you & maybe experience how starving farm animals feel not being fed after liquidating their owner!!!!

Pacific FairBranch / ATM

Shop 61, Pacific Fair Shopping Centre, 2-30 Hooker BvdBroadbeach QLD 4218P | (07) 5595-6222