To all Members,

I know it has felt as though we are flogging a dead horse with the media channels but I have a glimmer of hope in a reporter from our mainstream newspaper that would like to run my story-?  Please take a few minutes to make the phone call to your main local papers and ask to speak with an investigative reporter-please do this for yourself and for all of us- the banks have to be stopped and we all deserve our lives free of the debilitating stress , anxiety and long term health issues we are all suffering at the hands of these imprudent lenders ! Try and when you fail get up and try again!

Also those who will ring the radio stations - now would be an awesome time to warn others about LOW DOC LENDING!

Its up to us to start a CONSUMER CAMPAIGN against a dishonest banking sector who are prepared to lie to court and LIE to PARLIAMENT.

Maggie M