Transformation- Posted on Thursday, March 20, 2014  One of our readers:


People like Jon Denovan who have the benefit of both EDR/COSL experience and Law like to soften down the nasties of life - like Fraud, lying, common thievery. Many lawyers are like this. eg The 127 Law Firms involved in The Solicitor Mortgage Scams of the 90's and yes, ASIC did nothing, and $2 billion in losses.   Their justification? Conflict is expensive to client and so is court.

Reality? They're of the breed of Australian men who get rattled by conflict and disputes and like life to run smoothly to their tastes and their benefit, of course. Push them hard enough and they can be quite nasty, but they will patronise you to death in the meantime, refusing to take you seriously. That's also why it takes so much effort to get some politicians to take this seriously enough to take real and decisive action to protect the financially vulnerable in our society.

As for Gadens Galaxy "statistics" you're quite right to be asking how they got these figures.   Phoned 2.7 million people? Not likely! Some sort of random sample of 1200? Possibly and OK. But made some of it up? Yep Sure DID.  Contrived answers to suit their own agenda?  "Sampling" is also a technique used by companies to raise awareness of their business and services.

Galaxy Gadens were part of the pre-GFC efforts to bring the US style mass production mortgage conveyor belt to Australia. They are still trying to automate mortgage and finance approvals here especially since the market for this kind of approval has fallen into disrepute in the US Fraud and Repossession cases. Government can't stop them (no real power/disputed jurisdiction/too slow), ASIC has no investment in stopping them, most people are ignorant of the dangers, shareholders/SMSFs enjoy the profits and BFCSA are doing their best to educate everyone about the dangers of irresponsible lending.

We were speculating the other day how many decent Australians were exiting Australia to run their businesses in another country where the Law was truly respected and applied and where caring for one another was a normal practice from the top down .... and then how many criminals were immigrating to Australia under the present laxity/laissez faire/free market economics/caveat emptor (tuff luck) attitudes and where expecting any form of care from government and corporations was going the way of the dinosaurs under corporatised government and law? Any thoughts?

ED:  YES Indeed, we have allowed the American spivs to teach our own low dogs in high places, how to stitch up as many vulnerable Australians as possible: those who own their own homes of course.  Its all about BANKS STEALING HOMES using mortgages as weapons of deceit to commit monstrous crimes on the greatest number of people and steal the greatest number of homes in 4 years or less using a contrived 30 year loan.  And we permitted the FOXES OF ASIC to be THE GATEKEEPERS in charge of the HEN HOUSE!   Pretty easy to understand what is happening from my desk This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   see the bank to broker emails in our BankiLeaks library on the breaking news banner at top of this page.