Comment by arree Monday, 24 March 2014                          

" disgusting and appalling, unaustralian and UNBELIEVABLE!.. then again, not so unbelievable now that we know that we borrowers have been scammed all along, thanks to BFCSA and Denise Brailey.

No one inside one bank department knows what the other ones are doing... eg. today I received a greetings card from RAMS stating "Happy Loan Anniversary" !!...

Our maladministration in lending complaint against RAMS is with FOS and we have not paid RAMS a cent for 2 years whilst under investigation and we have been living in our home.

RAMS is playing games and stalling proceedings so that the interest just keeps piling up. RAMS has put a proposal to us which could have been put to us 2 years ago if they had of agreed to meet with us, and we would have gotten on with our lives instead of living in limbo.

Now the $280K maximum compensation that FOS currently has as it's terms of reference is all eaten up by RAMS stalling tactics. RAMS claw back our home and we are left with nothing.. not even reimbursed the hundreds of thousands of dollars we have paid over the years to RAMS in good faith. We should never have been approved in the first place.

Banks cannot profit from a FRAUD... yet they have been allowed to do so for years... and are still at it !

Now we know, what you banksters have been up to... now I would like to know what Mr Abbott et al will do about it to make things right ... past and present wrongs?"