AUSTRALIA NEEDS ONE BANK EMPLOYEE WHISTLE-BLOWER:  Just one DECENT SOUL with a conscience.  YOU KNOW what was going on.  What if it was your parents?

Just send us your "insider" emails - one would be sufficient to blow the LOW DOC MORTGAGE SCAMS out of the vaults.

No-one deserves to work 25 years to pay off their home and then have it stolen.  No young person needs to be stitched up with a 120% LVR loan and pay twice the price of rent and then find five years later the loan has imploded and they are back out renting.  No-one deserves to be ripped off by Banksters in Australia.  NO-ONE.  Your home is the biggest asset you will ever purchase in your lifetime and yet there is no consumer protection for Australian families.

Yes there are laws but NO-ONE is policing the banking and finance industry.  The regulators and Politicians believe in FREE MARKETS and give Banksters IMMUNITY from prosecution.  People like chief of Commonwealth Bank, Ian Narev who just picked up and obscene $7 million plus salary.  

I can say this without any fear of a blip from Ian because I am personally at the epi-center of cleaning up his debris of shattered a volunteer! Then again the chief's of NAB, Westpac and ANZ are all in the same club and have a sickening disregard for common decency and truthful business dealings.  It takes a particularly uncivilized person to engineer faulty product DESIGNED TO IMPLODE and in the full knowledge the injured will be the most vulnerable in our society.  How do I know that?  You people ordered your BDM's to target via the Broker Channel that you all share in, pensioners  low income families, young first home buyers, War Veterans, TPI pensioners and people on Centrelink disability payments.

Banksters engineered 30 year loans to IMPLODE within 5 years....all in the name of greed.

Consider this gem:  Real Estate Gurus have been quick to talk the property market upwards, yet how do we have 100% of our members with loans from six years ago and a 110% - 150% Loan to Value Ratio and therefore can only sell their own homes at huge losses - all States infected!

Economic Editor of the Observer Faisal Islam's book "The Default Line" is a detailed explanation of how two generations have been wiped out financially by the Banking Cartel in the United Kingdom and the exact same key indicators of this crime can be found here in Australia and are widespread.

We need Whistle-blowers - the bank insiders - to come forward and send us documents - brown paper bags accepted.  You know that the Banking Cartel engineered a faulty product set to implode and yet the Chief Engineers are being paid $7.3 million each for their crimes.

Had any other manufacturer in any other industry carried out the same diabolical plot on consumers, vulnerable or otherwise,  there would be a Royal Commission into how widespread the problems were.  Yet, the Banking Cabal remains a protected species.  Why?

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