What Consumers really want is ENFORCEMENT OF LAW...............................STOP PONCING AROUND!

Consumers TARGETED by Lenders to entice them into unsafe high risk 30 year LOW DOC HORROR PRODUCTS want one simple thing:  JUSTICE.

Banks across Australia have been permitted by several Governments to approve TOXIC Sub Prime Loans and get away with criminal activity.

If we approached a banker with a balaclava and a gun, we would be urgently arrested.

Its the LACK OF ACTION when consumers are plundered by Greedy Banks and stripped of their home that causes a justifiable outcry in Parliament.  

ASIC LYING to Parliament about the extent of the Banker Theft of homes, has caused the greatest number of submissions to any Inquiry into ASIC. Have a read of the 431 submissions, and still being loaded up on to the Senate Site for the world to read.  Constant references to 'ASIC LIED TO PARLIAMENT"

Yes indeed they did.  ASIC lied for four years over Westpoint, again re Storm, blaming the Brokers not CBA.........................ASIC LIED AND LIED and continue to do so.  Look at the lies in 45.1.............................

The fact that the Senators (not the Lower House) dragged ASIC and Greg Medcraft, Peter Kell and Jeremy Cooper into the spotlight.....is enough to show that some politicians care, and are sick to death of ASIC nonsense and lies.

LYING TO PARLIAMENT is in fact a jailable offence and ASIC smirks its way through plenty of these.

ASIC are not the Consumers' friend and nor are they the Consumers' Protector.   The Senate Inquiry into ASIC is of massive importance but the senators need to be properly briefed on the evidence available.  We do not need more recommendations to tweak laws.  We have plenty of laws.  We need a criminal investigation into ASIC and that can only come from a recommendation that ASIC be sacked as consumer protector as a minimum suggestion.

We need only one recommendation: A ROYAL COMMISSION INTO THE BANKING SECTOR and the Lower House better jump on board!!!!

Governments respond with more laws (not necessarily bright ones).  What consumers are really after is  for lender culprits who sponsored and promoted the craftily engineered fraudulent mortgages, to be rounded up and jailed.  

No need for red tape...only governments responding and taking action to enforce existing laws. Very simple really.

Consumers demand protection from Spivs and Crooks in the Banking Sector and from corruption of the regulator.  We also need a Federal Consumer Protection Bureau with a  dedicated SERIOUS FRAUD OFFICES - capable of rounding up Crooked Bankers.  

Without the above we can all expect more of the same and more homes lost and how does that assist the economy?         This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.