Yes this is a Global Crisis of monumental proportions.   During the past 20 years, Bankers have been busy uniting globally in a raw grab for assets from the most vulnerable, hard working  people in the community.   Australia, New Zealand, Greece, Spain, Iceland, UK, Ireland, Sth Africa and the US and so many other nations have all been told the same sub prime lies, whilst banks engineered millions of TOXIC Mortgage Loans and then moved in to take the spoils of the greatest looting spree the world has ever seen.  Not one regulator in any country, appeared on the horizon, to defend consumers of disgraceful bad banking behaviour!  Bankers then turn around, blamed the customers for trusting their banks, and then demanded taxpayers bail out the banks!   What is going on?    

Time for all bank victims to tread the same path and become a Global Movement: to unite together and challenge these bankers head on.  Consumers are armed with deadly weapons: TRUTH AND HONESTY.  The documents do not lie.  The evidence we have uncovered has in fact revealed the final pieces of the jigsaw.  How globally, the Banks managed to keep the ruse going for so long....................More will be revealed in October.

I suggest you all click on to the Cluster Map and see how many nations are connecting with our site and our message re the banks and toxic loans.  Close to 100,000 families are following our messages.

Dear Denise,

Thank you very much for your prompt and detailed response to my email - wow! I'm in awe of all you've done to date.  The following may be of interest to people with an Irish connection -

Irish Homeowners Unite is dedicated to all Irish homeowners who are struggling to pay or unable to pay their mortgage and who may be at risk of losing their home.

"If one family defaults on its mortgage, they are pariahs: if 200,000 default they are a powerful political constituency. There is no shame in admitting that you too were mauled by the Celtic Tiger after being conned into taking out an unaffordable mortgage, when everyone around you is admitting the same". 

Taken from Morgan Kelly's article in the Irish Times - Nov 8th 2010

 People may wonder why we continue to post articles regarding the failure of the Banking Sector in Ireland and for that reason, we would like to clarify that the posting of these articles is deliberate on our behalf. 

We post information on the failure of the Banking Sector on a regular basis to remind ourselves of OUR right to protest at our homes being threatened. In many cases we are at risk of losing our homes as a direct result of the actions of people who were in highly paid jobs and positions of trust.  We were not the professionals, we were simply ordinary people making an honest effort to purchase a home in which we could live. Therefore, when banks and their lynch men come knocking on our doors - the facts below are the ones that we must never forget.

We believe that a vast number of ordinary people were conned into taking out their mortgage. Our department of finance was suppressing information regarding a potential property collapse as far back as 2005 and this in turn gave more fuel to the property bubble.

As late as 2007 we had the leader of the Country announce on national television that people who were being negative about the economy should go away and "commit suicide". 

Lending institutions showed no duty of care whatsoever towards customers and in the good old days, it seemed like the Central Bank had a light on but there was no one at home - at least no one who had the interests of the ordinary people of Ireland at heart. 

At this point in time, those people who are still fortunate enough to be working are trying to pay for those same monopoly priced houses on significantly reduced salaries. The reduced salaries are a direct result of taxes and levies imposed on workers to bail out the Banks. 

Is is fair to ask ordinary people to bail out the banks and then to expect us to lose our homes because our salaries are reduced as a consequence of bailing out the Banks? 

If reduced salaries and homelessness isn't enough, we're also meant to not complain about being lumbered with the negative equity from these homes. 

On the issue of "strategic default" - plain and simple, that is nothing other than a red herring and a wonderful way for the banks and the Government to deflect from the truth of the situation. 

Five years after the property crash, billions of tax payers money pumped into the Irish banking sector, numerous suicides, broken homes and shattered families along with 100,000 mortgages in mortgage arrears in Ireland, and there is still no sign of the Banks meeting ordinary people even one third of the way.

Our quest is simple enough, all we are seeking is fair play - which appears to be in very short supply in Ireland!

Thanks Caroline, you have my full support.    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.