The public needs to understand where we are heading with all of the evidence we have gathered over the past decade.   The amazing group of people we have gathered together and the strength of that evidence they collectively have discovered, is beginning to have a voice and a powerful message: Mortgage Fraud has been a carefully managed fraud............................. legitimatized by Government regulators, and influenced by their Banker friends.

If you are struggling with mortgage fraud, calloius regulators, industry corruption; need to send in a submission to the Senate Inqury

Maha was busy rushing one of her six young children to hospital.  She intended to send in a letter from BFCSA to COSL responding to their questions. Maha is a Mortgage Fraud victim of Perpetual Trustees and Powerloans.  

It was on the day of deadline, she sent the letter the following morning after being at the hospital for many hours that evening.  Callous COSL closed the file stating she missed the deadline by one day!  The Credit Ombudsman's Service is licensed as an External Dispute Resolution Processes ("EDR") by Australian Securities and Investment Commission ("ASIC").

You can all be the Judge and the Jury!  Maha lives in NSW, and COSL knew that NSW consumers of banking products were protected and had been since 1980.  The Credit Ombudsman did nothing to assist her and, threw her case out because of a sick child.

You have my deepest respect Maha, for your courage and your stick-ability.  You are a beautiful woman in every way.  I am sure your children will all be very proud tonight.

remember you first spoke of your trials with Perpetuals in 2004 with Alan Kohler, but when he arrived, you were being bundled into the ambulance for the birth of your sixth child.  How long ago was that?  You are amazing.

COSL should be closed and amalgamated with FOS to have one EDR so that the deals cannot straddle two Ombudsmen services.  This system of consumer protection is nothing more than a SHAM and needs more people like you to speak out about these totalitarian injustices.

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