Dear members

I have just read Denise's supplement to her Senate submission. First I would like to say a heart felt thanks from all of us for the long hours and effort that you and your helpers have dedicated trying to help a group of people who the majority of you have never met. There are reasons why things happen in life, some call it fate , others say karma but whatever the reason, here you are leading a band of just over eleven hundred souls taking on a failed system in the persuit of justice.

What a perfect storm the banksters had, they had engineered the perfect product. These low doc, no doc and full doc loans could be manipulated to pay back high interest and no principle in most cases, they're a higher return than variable loans and when they start to implode like they're geared to they offer top up loans and use of the credit card they kindly supplied.

Everyone was rolling in money, everyone looked at the picture short term, while oodles and oodles of money was to be made, but the banksters knew the long term effects because they had engineered it. The brokers, lawyers, real estate agents and the rest, couldn't believe their luck with this whole new stream of clients coming onboard. The banksters called us ARIP's ( asset rich income poor) the brokers and company called us meal tickets and a path to wealth and ASIC called us mugs and didn't warn us.

Once the loans started to implode as designed, and the poor old consumer started squealing like a stuck pig, the mean old bankster had this covered as well. The greedy, greedy brokers has tricked everybody, they have outsmarted the banksters and their high profile lawyers, they have outsmarted the regulator ASIC with all its expensive and highly trained personnel and worst of all they betrayed their clients.

Next comes the hardest part as a consumer.  We have been to the banksters who kindly gave us top up loans but now we can't afford all the repayments. We have just taken the first step on a path that's long and winding with many twists and turns. We have all taken this path.... emails, letters, phone calls and visits to everyone from politicians to priests trying to find some caring person to steer us in the right direction to no avail.  How many times have we said this person or agency sounds like the one to have a go for us, and to have our hopes shattered by those words " It doesn't come under us try Joe Blogs".

I'm sure the bankster have shares in drug companies because they are responsible for a lot of anti depressant consumption.  

There is only one problem to the banksters perfectly planned perfect storm?  Denise Brailey, a middle aged women from a little town in the W.A. wheat belt. "But wait we haven't made calculations in our perfect plan to cover that' say the banksters, ''its not fair'. Like David and Goliath the little people known as consumers have a champion.  Denise does not put money or profit above all else, she puts people who have been wronged by the powerful and greedy and abandoned by the so called government authorities first. Her weapons are decades of knowledge and expertise gained from fighting the un-winnable fights and showing with dedication and perseverance victory can be gained against insurmountable odds.

Not one single member of BFCSA would have won against the banksters taking them on single-handedly.  Many have settled for sizeable amounts.  The consumers (banksters) protector ASIC and its bankster sponsored EDR's FOS and COSL.......... only FOS can produce evidence whereby out of all the disputes, decisions have gone the consumers way?  COSL: just close files and decide in favour of their Members.  ASIC know this and still allow them to keep their EDR licence.

Come on COSL one example of a dispute going a consumers way. I was told by a pro bono law firm that the few consumer cases that have made it to court have gone in the customers favour, thanks Denise's efforts a decade ago in gathering people together.  All were funded, but funding is rare.   

Magistrates and Registrars are all in discussion over this problem but what to do?  We poor folks have no chance of funding our own cases and therefore we are at the mercy of the villainous banksters.

Members, even with the truck loads of evidence Denise has, our so called regulator ASIC refuse to acknowledge its validity but are prepared to accept verbal undertakings from the banksters.  Without Denise's knowledge and records there would be no Senate hearing into ASIC and Joe Hockey's one sided bankster investigation.  All of our own future, and our family's futures would of been in dire threat if Denise wasn't here to take the fight to the banksters face, and to expose the blatant inefficiencies in our regulator ASIC and its EDR's FOS and COSL.

We must be vocal in expressing the roles the banksters and regulators have played.  Denise is but one person.... we can't expect her to carry the gauntlet for us single handed, we have to share the load otherwise she will face the prospect of "burn out."

So have your say and keep the conversation and dialogue fresh and ongoing even if its one or two lines. Remember if it wasn't for Denise and BFCSA where would you be now? I know I would be in an antidepressant haze and off with the fairies, that's how bigger difference the last twelve months has made since joining BFCSA.    Thanks Neil T.