Banksters, ASIC and the EDR's are all realising the CITIZENS of this great southern land are (oops) waking up now to the fact the so-called NEW LAWS were simply a nasty smoke screen, developed by ASIC and its Bankster Mates, to bury the PRE 2010 bodies of mortgage victims who are now losing their homes at a rate of knots.  New Zealanders have figured out it was Aussie Banks....what wrong with us?  Are we too timid?  Too quiet? Too passive?

OK so we understand:  Its the LITTLE AUSSIE BATTLER vs OUR CROOKED BANKING SECTOR.  The default rate is FUDGED and APRA needs to wake up now!  Defaults are being manipulated by the bankers and refinancing which Commissioner from ASIC told me in Feb 2013 "we have stopped the bankers' refinancing (scam).  Really Wazza?  When did that happen?  I am confused.  You did say Yes Banks are the Engineers.  We agree on that point.

Today a Member writes: "The banks send out a letter asking if we would like to continue with interest only for another 5 years."  Yep its the SAME MODEL of deceit, its the SAME system, SAME calculator, SAME NO COPIES HANDED OUT, SAME fudging of incomes using the serviceability calculator to ahem, satisfy the Bankers Code of Practice that FOS seems to miss out on reading on S25.1 re affordability.  Same game, same intention to deceive.  WHY?  Its the most profitable products the banks have ever seen!  The scam starts with GREEDY BANKERS.

Our Senators need to agree to recommend a ROYAL COMMISSION into BANKING.  They may give us a specific Senate Inquiry into Mortgage Lending Disgraceful Practices.  OK we shall take that as a stepping stone because then the model can be exposed to the public.


 And another READER tells it like it is:

Whats the bet if you were spruiked at seminars and the likes almost the first line that came out of the crooks mouth was DON'T THINK SUB PRIME CAN EVER HAPPEN IN AUSTRALIA OUR SYSTEM IS SET UP SO IT CANT HAPPEN. I would certainly like a show of hands as to who and how many of you poor unsuspecting that are now stuck right in the middle of SUB PRIME AUSSIE WAY heard that as the opener at these seminars. Its called in their dirty Bankster run education system as the CALM and REASSURE TACTIC once we eat that opening line these sellers of Bank created toxic products have you half way to a sale. Well remember good old US of A the Banks were left holding useless real estate that they could not sell and it bought their Banking and Finance system to its knees. Here of course they were right it doesn't happen the same our Banksters are a protected species even if we did just walk away from our debt and hand over the property we are still left to pay any debt related. 

The Banksters of course do you no favours once the property is repossessed they fire sale it and don't try to assist you as their money is guaranteed. Remember further to this situation is the Government Guarantee if the Banksters were to fail they get propped up by our Government using our taxation dollar, "SHAFTED AGAIN FOLKS". My question to our GOVERNMENT is "are we still going to give the Government Guarantee to the Banks if they are found have committed FRAUD and then FAIL when they are made to repay the people from the "PROCEEDS OF CRIME". These gangsters should be treated no better than any other criminal organisation when the REAL TRUTH is exposed and if it is not exposed then our problems with the TRUTH go much higher. 

Time to clean up our own backyard, at least the Americans have had enough brains and balls to attack their issues front on not allowing even the big players to walk away from their crimes.