After 20 years of assisting consumers, I now have three excellent researchers who generously donate their time to our cause.  I do sift through and pick out some of the most significant information that the world wide web has provided for us.  Our latest is from an old forum site which contained chatter re the Storm victims 2008-2009.  

CHATTER ONLINE from Storm people "Originator of the Contract - THE BANK RESPONSIBLE for fraudulent lending"

Re: BOQ.....Where fraudulent activity is proven and it will be, with physical evidence, loans should be rendered null and void. The offending bank staff should be removed/ and or prosecuted and David Liddy should be forced to step aside. It may be deemed to be the customers responsibility, however, when an employee joins the bank in a lending capacity, they are trained to process material within the parameters of the Trade Practices Act, the Banking Code of Practice and the Bank's individual policy and procedure. They will have been taught the correct and honest way, when to approve and when to reject certain loans based on information provided and are made aware of the penalties in approving incorrect material. Thus, at the end of the day the originator of the contract (being the bank) must take responsibility for rectifying fraudulent loans in order to salvage any scrap of professionalism remaining.

Cassimatis and Brokers used a SERVICE CALCULATOR and guess what he has found..............................BDM's came around to teach the staff to use the service calculator as part of the Bank's Services. "We never approved loans - we just sent in the paperwork.  The Banks gave us all the forms and told staff what needed to be done and we never approved any loans at all....non were qualified to do so.  BFCSA say 100% of loans should not have been granted - not 60%: 

Here is another posting 2008

BoQ is offering to freeze repayment on loans but interest is still accruing - so after 2 years there will be even a bigger amount to repay. 
In the audit mentioned on TV, 60% of the loans were described as "should not have been granted". 
They have revealed only the tip of the iceberg in regards to this branch and its managers practices - let's just say creative loan applications submitted to central office and not with data clients signed off on - yes changed by managers and not even by storm in some cases. 
Quite a few of the stormified - like the people mentioned on the program, have sold their homes or refinanced. 
The local BOQ manager told everyone - you will have to pay out that loan immediately if you were with storm. Very short on compassion that statement and all we have heard from BoQ. . . . 

Only the TIP of the Iceberg in 2008 - yes indeed!!!  Only Townsville infected by Bankers?  Not at all.  Try the whole of Australian ARIP's targeted by 4 Major Banks.  Its going to be an ugly Royal Commission into Banks.  If the Vatican can lie to the world...............................   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.