The Australian Federal Government has yet to answer the issues I raised in Parliament, namely: "the Government cannot, ought not to profit from a  fraud."   Since the Government was advised by the Australian Office of Financial Management ("AOFM") to purchase $25 Billion of the very same JUNK, why is the Government reluctant to hold a Royal Commission?  The allegations are deserving of a full scale RC, yet the evidence of bank driven mortgage fraud grows daily.    Banksters have failed to hand over the copies of the SERVICE CALCULATORS knowing full well that those one pagers are the proof of the Bankster driven engineering plans?  

Andy was right: RMBS stands for:   Really Massive Bankster Scam

Over 800 members are currently ringing the bells on the village green that those with a  mortgage, and those who used to be mortgage free, are in danger of becoming homeless.   The Government cannot ignore the warning signs of foul play by Banksters in the Banking Sector.   Every payment made by the securitisation of the income stream to the Banksters is pure profit on a fraud. We know this to be true in the Low Doc and NO Doc lending products, yet we have also found the same fraud in 10% of FULL DOCS and those loans have been written up by the Bank Managers.

88% of loans are written by the Major Banks and now to $5 million - $10 million bonus are to be handed out to those in charge of criminal activities!!!  If the Senators agree to call for a Royal Commission into the Banking Sector it means they each understood the FACT that the Government cannot profit from this monstrous mortgage fraud!

We pray the Senators are all "on-song."  We do not want a "Son of Wallis" Inquiry.

I have a tally of calling for 13 Inquiries to date, including five state inquiries and also a Royal Commission 2001.  Only a Royal Commission can deliver thousands of documents that are being denied to us right now.  Hands up all those who do not wish for those hidden documents to be discovered?

With over $100 Billion in unclean loans floating in the sewer of our banking sector, no decent Australian could possibly be part of the cover-up, as against part of the clean-up.

One only has to look at the evidence emerging in the Bankwest Caper with HBOS and CBA, to know that the entire system has been infiltrated by banksters driven by huge bonuses and greed.  

We Aussies queued for miles to assist one another after the Queensland floods....just watch when we group 200,000 families together in one common cause.  The next generations will either view us as apathetic or indeed a force to be reckoned with in a New Age of Consumerism.  

With 200,000 families as victims of fraud up against 40 Bankster Engineers....I would say the odds are in our favour.  If the Federal Government cannot see the problem, they do not deserve to be in power.  The Senate Report and the Federal Response on the 28th November will be a critical moment in history.

Hiding this under the carpet?  The Prime Minister would need a carpet the size of Lake Burleigh Griffin.

ROYAL COMMISSION into the Banking Sector (Very Broad Terms of Reference):  To Be or Not To Be?...that was the question 400 years ago in one of Shakespeare's finest plays: Hamlet.

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