Parliament House,



Dear Prime Minister,

I am sure you have been briefed by numerous public servants and the ASIC  department about the Sterling New Life collapse and subsequent grand theft, indeed I wrote to you several weeks ago about the need for the urgent recovery of $140,000 that I put into this scheme which has to be returned to me by way of compensation from your government. In all a total of $28.6 million and counting, involving over 800 retirees and pensioners in W.A. Vic and Qld.

I hear your second in command Mr Josh Frydenberg is suggesting all sorts of things like it is a State matter not a Federal issue, and how can he when a Ponzi Scheme which is clearly what this is makes it Grand Theft and thus covered by the Corporate act therefore a Federal issue. One would have to be a bit low in comprehension skills not to clearly see that this is a Ponzi Scheme and is a criminal matter not a civil matter, this is plain and obvious.

One has to ask, what sort of ledger domain is this, coming from a man who it appears, at the moment for all intents and purposes may not necessarily eligible to qualify as an Australian political candidate, perhaps he himself has indeed committed a breach of the electoral act. What a huge embarrassment he will be to you if he is disqualified from holding office. Your Government will lose credibility, it could go into crisis mode, how do you think the Australian people will look upon you as their Prime Minister if this happens ? Where there's smoke there's fire and Mr Frydenberg seems to be smoldering quite a bit lately, but you can traverse this deep political ravine if you now show some decency and compassion to the 200 WA retirees and pensioners affected by this Sterling first collapse and pay us the $28.6 million we have requested, which I am sure you know is just and fair.

Mr Prime Minister, elderly retirees are literally dying as I write, Mr Frydenberg is dilly dallying somewhere, I believe trying to save the skin off his own back and dumping the important issues of State such as dealing with this compensation claim of $28.6 million, THIS NEEDS TO GET SORTED FIRST AND FOREMOST. Mr Prime Minister you need to get your Treasury Department Head to get the Treasury ABCXYZ1234 Compensation Form filled out for $28.6 Million and you need to sign it IMMEDIATELY and get these funds to the elderly people who also need it IMMEDIATELY, BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE, BEFORE THEY END UP ON THE STREETS, OR WORSE STILL BEFORE MORE OF THEM DIE.

Everything involved with these Sterling First Schemes is fake, the prospectus's were never issued, the share certificates aren't even worth using as toilet paper. Using the word Trust in Sterling First's promotional material was illegal since no such Trusts were ever registered with ASIC. What was ASIC doing when this was going on, was Mr Shipton snoring his head off in his office ?

ASIC could have halted Sterling First's grand theft and suspended their trading on this one issue alone.  Then, on the landlord side you now have scores of property's that don't come up to City Regulations so they can't be sold, landlords, initially conned by slick talking snake oil salesmen are not receiving any rent, and in my case I have paid $140,000 up front which equates to at least 8 years rent, if not more at market prices and 40 years plus under the whole of life lease scheme, this money was misappropriated by a loathsome group of blood sucking parasites, and you and ASIC in particular definitely know who they are. ASIC have known about these thieving bastards for at least 20 years, but made no effort to curtail their illegal dealings in fact I believe aided and abetted them, this is a massive disaster, and you Mr Prime Minister as a devout Christian should know this is tantamount to trampling on God's creation, albeit God's world weary creation.

Incidentally, you need to give your Ministers a dressing down, Mr Hastie and Mr Porter, Mr Hastie in particular who wasted House time with some sycophantic back slapping (amongst the boys--amongst the lads) but both these Ministers claim these issues are the realm of the States and not the Federal government, quite frankly a 6th grader could easily determine that this is, to put it bluntly A LIE.

How dare these Ministers of Her Majesty's Australian Government try to hoodwink the Australian people into thinking this was predominantly a State issue, its a glaring Federal issue and it needs to be sorted by the Federal Government, thats your government just in case Mr Porter and Mr Hastie don't know, to the tune of $28.6 Million in compensation to the 200 plus retirees and pensioners myself included, and there is no time to waste in Parliament Question time or recess or some other pathetic reason to go and have time off.

This Sterling First issue is at the very core of what a Federal Government is about, protecting the people from two legged human parasites and ensuring the majority of older Australians are financially independent and have a decent, secure roof over their heads in their retirement.

Mr Prime Minister do I have to reiterate what Ms Denise Brailey wrote to you about in her latest letter (I have a copy) regarding the consequences of putting off the payment of this compensation amount of $28.6 Million any further. The far reaching disastrous cancer that is eating away at the fabric of Australian financial and corporate life involving the Banks (again), ASIC and Centrelink.

Thieves masquerading as staid, conservative businessmen, the damning absence of any involvement by the AFP, its almost as if ASIC have decided the AFP was a branch of the Russian KGB, or closer to the mark, trying to keep everything quite so the Federal Police didn't find out about the depth and degree of ASIC's culpability and negligence. The list of unmitigated failure goes on and on, this has all the hallmarks of a Government that has lost all control, Australian corporate, financial bodies and institutions are devolving into chaos. 

If the international press read Denise's letter, you and your government will be a shameful laughing stock seen around the world. Gone will be the days some 240 years ago of the establishment running a penal colony,

In 2019 its the criminal establishment dictating terms to the Government of Australia on how to change the laws so they can steal the life savings of every retiree and pensioner in the country. Do you want that legacy from your days in power and said about you in the future at the mention of your name ? If not, do the right and just thing and pay the $28.6 Million we seek and DO IT NOW.

Yours Sincerely

Mr Paul A M.............