Prime Minister of Australia

Hon. Scott Morrison MP


  • THE STERLING GROUP COLLAPSE: 28.6 Million Compensation
  • ROYAL COMMISSION INTO the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (‘ASIC’)



Dear Prime Minister  (My second letter to you)

On the 15th July I wrote to you airing my disgust at what’s happened to 101 Sterling life lease holders of the Sterling New Life Investment fund. I haven’t had one reply to letters I have scribed to YOUR Government. That’S NOT the Australian Government that I voted for who I thought stood for integrity.

It is insulting not to receive replies to the written letter or don’t your departments think so!

If you don’t believe me when I tell you pensioners are sick with worry here’s a few facts. I have said to goodbye to a lovely neighbour who passed and left his wife of 41 years to sort through this Ponzi scheme called Sterling New Life that your Government Department ASIC turned a blind eye to.


Another neighbour a good friend of mine is currently in hospital fighting leukaemia. They too are involved with loss of their life savings. STRESS causes sickness this disgusting negligence of your Government is causing this to many pensioners caught up in this misjustice.

 Prime Minister it is time to give us the miracle that you were given by being re-elected. Not treat us  with absolute disdain. Your department ASIC’s charter is ‘as an independent Australian government body that acts as Australia’s corporate regulator. ASIC’s-role is to enforce and regulate company and financial services laws to protect Australian Consumers, investors and creditors’. I believe they need to revisit their charter or it needs to be explained exactly what it means. I read story after story how this department lets down consumers and businesses over and over again. We the Australian constituents need to see a Royal Commission in to ASIC and it needs to be dealt with sooner rather than later.



Michael Sukkar LIED on a 6PR radio interview with Gareth Parker that ASIC were doing an internal investigation in to the way ASIC handled this Sterling No Life scheme. After Geof Parry under freedom of information followed up there was no record of any such investigation ever being even started Fobbed off again!. I feel very let down by the Government I voted for. This could be your parents or grandparents scammed in this so called Sterling New Life. What would you do then!!!! How would you feel Prime Minister to know they’d been scammed of their life savings and the Government let it happen. I would have no doubt you would be FURIOUS as 101 pensioner investors feel. This is affecting 100s of not only pensioners but, landlords and investors. SO MANY LIES and they got away with it. They’re laughing all the way to where the moneys hidden. These people are fraudsters why aren’t the Federal Police involved.? Or is it that it highlights the multitude of mistakes that ASIC the corporate watchdog make over and over again and you want to turn a blind eye to it!!!

Billion are sent overseas for disaster relief and i don’t begrudge this but when you turn a blind eye to your own backyard disasters that’s another thing.


 The staff running your government department need to be held to account for their actions or lack of.


 To remedy this it’s not a huge amount out of the government purse $28.6MIL.


We need normality in our lives again. We need help Prime Minister no more turning a blind eye to to what happened here. No more ignoring us and hoping we’ll go away because I assure you WE WILL NOT. This is our life savings not much to you that gets a good wage. We have all worked extremely hard through our lives only to be ripped off by unscrupulous narcissistic lowlifes and your Government gave them the oxygen to to do it. All I feel now is shame for-the Government that I elected as I pack my house up to move as my landlord wants me out as I can’t afford the rent they require. We all feel gutted HELP us.




Kind regards