This will be a mind blowing task for you all.  You will love the design and thanks to Rocky and Helen.  Imagine a poster in the front yard and on neighbouring front road fences (with their permission please and observe council by-laws!!!) on every home that has a Lo Doc or No doc or Dodgy Full Doc in the nation and also New Zealand.

You will be able to access the POSTER and print off your own - or as many as you wish.  You can insert the name of the bank you loathe the most!

You can insert the regulators if you chose.  We will also have a "send in your photo" site for everyone that is under threat from the Mortgage Scandal and all those who have lost their homes.  You can take a photo stood beside your sign......... we are putting a human face to Mortgage Scam fighters.

Our researchers are also hard at work behind the scenes.  More stats needed.  Read the Annual reports of AFP, ASIC, APRA, ACCC and the RBA.

We already have signatures pouring in re our online PETITION and large groups who have suffered losses from the same chronic regulatory negligence that you have suffered, but in MANAGED INVESTMENT SCAMS are joining in our fight to call for a ROYAL COMMISSION INTO THE BANKING AND FINANCE SECTORS.

Shortly I will be assisted in creating a U tube piece for u all.

I am also designing a new letter you can all send to a very important person and it will be a very big surprise.......

Our teams have been hard at work and so many more things are taking place: our website is changing and becoming more active.  Notice the counter with 500 hits in 24 hours!  Thank you to all our regular bloggers and commentators and welcome to the newest members.  

We have two TV episodes in the making and more to follow.  Stay tuned.

DO NOT GIVE UP - WE HAVE JUST GOT STARTED.  Polish up your work boots as we will be kicking some butt!!!

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