Dear members

While trolling the Australian parliament website I came upon some text relating to contacting our pollies. There it is in black and white, we the voters and citizens of this great country have been provided with the link to contact everyone from the P.M. down to all the politicians and various departments, alas if only that was true.

Nearly every member of BFCSA has tried to contact everyone from the P.M. down without much luck, I'm on my fourth P.M. now and thats not including P.M. Rudd  twice.  Some Ministers have replied albeit through staff and they just signed off on it. We even took the local M.P. route but he like most is stifled by the party machine and the underlings who run the show.

We have to confront our politicians with the evidence and put them in a position where they commit to look into the matter and of course this has to be on public record so in the future it can be referred back to.

I've stated I hold no political allegiance to any party and I can't see why a person has to be a red or a blue. I watched 'The Contrarians" on Sky yesterday in which two of the guests were Liberaltarians, these two guys were bluer than Stilton cheese and their whole outlook is scarey. They both uphold to the policy that the government shouldn't protect any Australian industry by subsidies or bailouts. This was mainly in referrence to SPC Ardmona and the motor industry.

This conservative thinking is that the strong will survive and get stronger and as a consequence if the weaker can't pick up their game without government funding then they are doomed to fail and this is a good thing because your weeding out the weaker performers. Alhough in SPC Ardmona's case if it shuts all the employee's and growers coming from a country area with limited resources would surely have to go on benefits which would cost more than an investment in their future from the government.

The P.M. and Treasurer have great faith in the Australian banks and believe they are part of the solution to get the country back on the right track although in the big picture how much have they really cost our economy? I haven't got a crystal ball but how many more people are going to lose their homes all in the name of bank profits.

Alot of seniors are victims and at present, nearly 2.4 million Australians are on the aged pension. All politicians dismiss us at your peril, the silly old buggers that your bankster mates like to exploit because they are just SOOO easy the trusting old fools, well we can have our voices heard through the ballot box. We now have the numbers and strength to carry our fight for justice through. When all the old dears watch the evening news, which they all do, what will they say when they see like minded people telling their stories of how the bankster man entrapped us and lost our homes as a result.

I  blogged the other day that a broker made referrence to alot of people from the Middle Eastern community on pensions and low incomes being given loans by the banksters and also alot of the Senate submissions are from migrants and alot of them are older ones. Can you imagine the confusion these poor people must be going through, with basic English the whole process would be alien to them, hell its alien to me and I'm Australian.

I think the various ethnic communities should be made aware of the pitfalls that have been laid out by the banksters at least some of the younger members of their families might help explain it. Also ASIC has just wound up some  brokers who come from  Vietnamese and Chinese back grounds, how many poor souls in those communities have been caught out?

I know of BFCSA members who have taken food hampers from strangers just to survive, this is Australia not a third world country where the populace has to rely on hand outs to survive. I know the only thing that has stopped alot of members from taking their own lives is their faith. Thank God they have had that and its people as a safety net otherwise quiet a few would of ended it by now. I think all the religious leaders in this country should be made aware of the plight of their followers. Banksters do not discriminate against religion, class or creed if your got assets they want them while bleeding you of every last cent along the way, these banksters are a scrouge to our society and should not be allowed to profit from people who are less educated or wise to the workings of the world. The generation gap of age should not be used by the banksters as a marketing tool to open up a whole new cash stream called ARIP's ( asset rich income poor).

P.M. Abbott are you sure you want to be aligned to these banksters? They have brought some of Australia's most vulnerable citizens down. They have already lost homes, some are in the process and now have eviction notices and alot are on the verge of going under. You do not build a strong economy on the back bone of failure if everyone loses faith and trust in the banking system.Your people are talking, stop listening to ASIC and the banksters, if you don't listen to your people now ,you and your government will have the distinction of being a one term government. The old saying used to be the pen is mightier than the sword, well now the saying is the keyboard is definately mightier than the sword and now the whole world is our audience. Thanks Neil T.