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Which bank CAN take your home?
Commonwealth Bank CAN...

Maybe I’m wrong? If I go to the bank and ask to refinance my existing loan and they say yes. Shouldn’t they assess whether I can afford to repay the loan?

What if I couldn’t afford the loan in the first place and the bank handed over more than $2M?  What’s their objective here?  Do they trust that somehow I will repay the loan with the non existent income that was falsely recorded by the Bank in the original loan? Or do they hide behind protection  through their legal jargon and Australian laws established to protect the banker from responsibility?  I have discovered this false information since receiving copies of my loan application forms years later.. they were never given to me at the time of signing.  And besides, I was only ever given 3 pages and now I see over 11 pages were involved!  And my loan was not an investment loan.

I don’t like fighting in general. It’s negative and soul destroying. When I write to authorioties explaining that my residential loan with the Commonwealth Bank was provided based on fraudulent information provided by a Bank Agent, I would expect an investigation revealing the truth and absolute facts of the matter.

If a Bank fraudulently inflates your income to pass the serviceability test in order to obtain the loan and boost their profits, enjoy bonuses etc, then upon investigation, wouldn’t  my tax returns confirm my true income ? Simple enough to check!

Why CAN’T the bank take a proactive view of these allegations and investigate the matter thoroughly?

Maybe CBA are afraid of what they will find?  Or are they too busy counting their profits?