To introduce myself briefly, pre this fiasco, I was a happy person. A Ringo Starr fan and his mantra, peace and love, and Lennon with Imagine. I thought I lived in the best state, for landscape, lifestyle and people. From the wrong doing of others, part of me has changed forever, I have lost faith and trust in mankind.

What scum of the earth would look you in the face, lie and then steal from you? From the onset,  being swindled out of  my retirement savings, by a corrupt company,  who are still enjoying  the fruits of their labour, by spending my money, and have taken away my opportunity to live in the residence I  was to call home  for the time I am alive. CAN NO ONE IN GOVERNMENT SEE ANYTHING WRONG WITH THIS?

No one, not one of you has restored faith in me that THIS PROBLEM WILL BE DEALT WITH, to help the retirees that have been crushed financially and mentally. We are falling with stress and depression, we have nowhere to call home, and no money to give us choices. We are 1 step away from joining hordes of homeless people in homeless week. Queuing   ‘FOR OUR HANDOUTS’ is far from the plan we had. BUT THIS CAN BE REVERSED NOW.

After asking for help from people with the power to do so, in W.A. and Canberra, to date nobody has stood up for it. Just passing the buck, small gestures of sympathy, from people rotating in their leather director chairs. So I am asking you Mr Porter, will you stick your neck out for us here in W.A. Can you drive the vehicle that will bring about peace and justice, and $ 28.6 million for the innocent victims of this fiasco?

Can you push the boat out that is going to bring those responsible for this demise to be punished, from the directors of Sterling New Life to ASIC, who need a Royal Commission to investigate all wrong doing and inaction, for aiding the criminals and the crimes and no consumer protection? This is as much as protecting people in the future as in the present.

Why should I leave this world , broke and homeless because I signed some documents to secure my future, and knowing low life scums  are enjoying themselves at my expense, after my life time of working, including  20 yrs. at the Governors Establishment , where I received my MVO from the Queen. Hoping for your attention and effort in this disaster



Yours Sincerely

 Diana MVO.