6 August 2019



Hon. Scott Morrison MP

Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet


Dear Mr Morrison



 You have received many letters regarding ASIC’s negligence and fallout from the Sterling Group collapse which has destroyed the lives and financial security of many Australian retirees, including myself.  YOU and your Party have chosen to ignore the many desperate pleas for help and compensation, so I will get straight to the point, Mr Morrison!


 I hold YOU personally responsible and AS MUCH TO BLAME AS ASIC for the heartbreaking and vulnerable position we are left in.

YOU are not fit to be the Prime Minister of Australia because you don’t hold your Federal Departments accountable for their ignorance, failures and NEGLIGENCE.

YOU allow white collar crime to run rampant in Australia and YOU don’t give a toss about the the impact these crimes have against your fellow human beings. YOU allow criminals to go ‘Scott Free’ because of YOUR failure to govern your own weak and impotent department heads, instead YOU allow them to either run, hide or step down so they don’t have to be held accountable for their failure to do the job they are paid to do.

I refer to your ex Federal Treasurer, the elusive Mr Josh Frydenburg as one example. YOU are also a COWARD, Mr ‘Scott Free’ Morrison!  You’re too weak and GUTLESS to take a stand against the REAL CRIMINALS of this disaster, that being ASIC. You were also WEAK and USELESS in your role as Federal Treasurer. I know this from personal experience because I’m a former victim of the banking scandal and I wrote to you during that horrendous time.

As per your history YOU are once again ignoring the pleas of people in need because YOU are completely void of empathy for anyone. 


Unlike Denise Brailey of BFCSA and the brilliant team of people helping her, YOU have no strength of character and YOU are completely unaware of the difference between right and wrong. I have more respect and admiration for these people than I will ever have for YOU, Mr Morrison! 



What utterly breaks my heart is the imminent deaths of sick people in immediate need of help and the deathly silence from ASIC, the Federal Treasurer and YOURSELF.


If YOU have no empathy toward the well-being of the people suffering from the Sterling Collapse ... STEP DOWN!!!


If YOU can’t hold ASIC accountable for NEGLIGENCE ... STEP DOWN!!!


If YOU refuse to pay immediate and FULL COMPENSATION to the victims of this crime ... STEP DOWN and hang your head in shame!!!


We, the victims, demand a Royal Commission into ASIC, or YOU can carry the consequences of this disaster on YOUR hands for the rest of YOUR life. It’s YOUR call Mr Prime Minister. 


From a personal point of view, I implore you,  PLEASE show compassion. I don’t want to be known as a ‘Victim’ for the rest of my life. I need to finally move forward from the horrors of the past few years and this current situation with closure, peace and security

 Yours sincerely



Kaye Lamb

BFCSA Member/Former Major Bank Victim/Current Sterling Victim