PO Box 6100


Parliament House

Canberra. ACT 2600



I am writing to you in hope you may be the one to bring about a change of fortune to the victims of this fraud, because to date no one has taken the responsibility to help the innocent, and pursue the criminals. There is total neglect   from parliament, ministers and departments.

Not to mention ASIC who take the cake ‘hands down ‘for neglect and failure on all fronts, not under achiever’s but non achievers. Assisting the unscrupulous operators to go free range with their scams to fleece people of their money, all the while all those corrupt operators of Sterling New Life playing with our money and ASIC assisting them to do so. To busy rotating in their plush leather chairs. The media, the community. And ‘Blind Freddy ‘can see the corruption and the detrimental effect it is having on the elderly citizens that have been duped, and we are seeking help desperately to recover our money.

This is homeless week. After planning my retirement around my savings, and choosing supposedly the best housing opportunity for my life style, I now sit here, one step away from swelling the numbers of the homeless that is a problem for society and growing at an alarming rate. Also newsworthy is George Colombaris who has had to pay all his staff he deceived, and rightly so. That is all we want as a group of tenants, that have been ‘hung out to dry’. We are requesting the $28.6 million be returned to us NOW. It is rightfully OUR MONEY.


Yours sincerely

Diana  MVO