Senator Mathias Cormann,

I am writing to you as a fellow Western Australian and one of the 100 Sterling New Life Victims. Mr Cormann we need you to champion our cause to get back the $28.6 Million that was stolen from us by Sterling and the Jones gang. I, like the other 100, have lost all yes all of my money I invested with Sterling. That money was supposed to be in a TRUST account which Sterling advertised as being ASIC approved.

We found out later it was not a trust account but a piggy bank for the Joneses and other Directors to draw money out. While all of this was going on ASIC where investigating or were they? A number of the Sterling tenants where visited by the ASIC investigators and told there was nothing to worry about as they were just checking to make sure things where above board. How wrong they were.

If something was said by ASIC we would not be in this mess. ASIC have dropped the ball on this one and from what I am seeing they have stuffed a lot more up. ASIC need a complete over haul from top to bottom. We the people rely on Government Departments like ASIC to protect us from the scum that pray on the general public. Especially us pensioners.

Senator I hope you will never find yourself or any of your family in this sort of predicament not knowing how you are going to make ends meet and if you will have a roof over your head. We are getting a lot of groups and Government Departments saying we will help but that is all we are getting lip service. No one is actually doing anything it’s all talk no action.

Can you please break that mold and actually do something for us. People in three states have been affected through this scam or PONZI scheme and it has to stop. We are running out of time as all 100 of us are not getting any younger and we desperately need our $28.6 Million back so we can live out the rest of our lives in peace. One final thing Mr Cormann Australia needs




Yours sincerely