What is the remedy for all those who KNOWINGLY fed off this monstrous period in our nation's history of WHITE COLLAR CRIME gone rampant through the Banking & Finance Sector.

So how do we punish these morons that thought it OK to capture Government and all to do with their own personalized GREED.  Preying on defenseless people you targeted pensioners and low income families) who trusted your insane strategies touted as good economic management to get ahead into comfortable retirement, instead of satisfied with low income: Trust Me I am  Banker!"  NO MORE.  You coveted their only asset THEIR HOMES.  You Bankers were acting as a CARTEL: same stationary, same model of business, same chains involved, same database of directives, same use of BDM's, same governmental meetings, same targets ARIPS, same asset hunger, same greed, same contracts, same law firm, same lobbying techniques, same protection rackets........................better than any bikie could dream up.  Streams of stolen LOOT with impunity and $4 million bonuses per annum for guys at the top.  Nice one!

SO WHAT PUNISHMENT for CHRONIC WHITE COLLAR CRIME in the Banking Sector?  The elite arrived on these shores in their finery, treating the convicts as sub human.  How the tables have turned.  We citizens are no longer convicts but born of decency in a new and fairer world, where we could live in peace and elect honest people to Government who would then hire public servants....................What happened?  Now the citizens as in other countries will start demanding the guys at the top be shackled in chains - thrown into stocks in Martin Place and similar venues......right alongside the brave of us who fought for our freedoms and paid the ultimate sacrifice.  

You Evil Bankers have not protected our economy.  Via your greed you have raped pillaged and plunder everyone's bank accounts and people are only just waking up to the carnage.

One reader has a few suggestions - Thanks Kyle.

"There is never any consideration given in any WHITE COLLAR CRIME for the VICTIMS. Yes remember us the people whose lives have been turned upside down and who have been disregarded by underachieving regulators and police. I believe victims lives should be paramount and the rebuilding process for the affected should be put in the fore front of the process when bringing the perpetrators to justice. The crime they commit is probably more premeditated, planned and targeted than those of a hired hit man and yet ruination of people's financial security for their own gain is treated as nothing more than a misdemeanour.

Why do these Banksters not get prison time when you can be sent to jail for a parking infringement or is this just the case that a parking infringement is owed to a Government body and a Lending or Investment Fraudster only uses the money of a commoner so too bad for them. While our newly formed Government are reviewing some antiquated laws as they are suggesting they are about to do I would strongly recommend the annulling of the destruction of original documents by Banksters legislation.

Accompanied by the automatic possession of assets of Fraudsters to repay the affected along with a dollars for days prison sentence (to clarify you are paid x amount per day in prison that divided by the total defrauded from victims gives a days required to remain behind bars until all victims are repaid in full).

If this was made very clear to Banksters, Brokers and Share Traders I feel sure you would see a very honest system emerge."

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