ADAM HARVEY: Those dragged in include some of the nation's most senior business executives who stood to make a lot of money from the Mount Penny deal. 

Like mining veteran John McGuiggan and John Kinghorn recorded here on an ICAC telephone intercept talking about the growing Obeid scandal.

JOHN MCGUIGGAN, MINING VETERAN (recording): What... What... What I have been thinking about is, you know, it's how do we get control? How do we manage reputations and what's the shortest distance to a pot of money?

ADAM HARVEY: And former RAMS Home Loan chief and philanthropist John Kinghorn, he's on tape too.

JOHN KINGHORN, FORMER RAMS CHIEF (recording): That's why you and I could never afford to get divorced mate. All this shit will come out if we do.

Kinghorn - the Philanthropist? Really?  We are still unravelling the mess YOU left behind at RAMS and RHG.  You picked up your lousy $600 million pieces of silver and fled the scene.

We have named you as: DOG OF THE WEEK!

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