Dear Members,

Just an update for you on my story. I finally have received the DECISION on my case from COSL!

As you probably will have guessed no surprise here.  COSL have decided in their wisdom that my loan is not "Unjust" and they find nothing wrong in the bank`s lending practices !

Never mind the fact that my LOW DOC LOAN was changed into a FULL DOC LOAN without my knowledge.

Never mind that there were FALSE tax documents used to provide my financials

Never mind that they had me owning a Trust and my income was $92,000 while at the time I was unemployed and studying, and best of all that I had to fight 6 charges of Deception of Loan Papers in court for two and a half yrs only for the DPP to drop the charges four days before the trial.

All this informationwas given to COSL case manager No.4, but as she was taken off the case and I am now dealing with CASE MANAGER NO. 5 who handed down the decision.  It is quite evident that none of this information had been passed onto her!

SO now I have sent an email explaining all of the facts and pointing out the obvious and will await her next decision.

Feeling very ANGRY and FRUSTRATED to say the least! This is not Rocket Science! GRRRRR!