Dear Ms Kelly   A disabled man we shall call Adam, is wondering who will look after him.  His Mother is a 72 year old pensioner and his carer.  Mum owned her own home.  Then the Kelly Gang came calling.  You Madam are attempting to steal their home.  Who does that to fellow citizens and gets away with it?   Ah yes, seasoned Banksters of course.  We warned Australians in 2003, that Reverse Mortgages are a death trap.  Same as the UK disaster.  So Many UK Mums and Dads thrown out of homes they had worked 30 years to achieve ownership.......then as now the Banksters came knocking, offering wonderful "opportunities in financial products."  In less than five years a the victims had gone from owning their own home to having their homes stolen and no money in the bank for them to fight the Banks.

Adam's Mum is now having to fight YOU for the family home.  Is this is to them.  She s a wonderful loving Mum, but stress is taking its toll. YOUR FAULT MADAM.  You KNEW the risk associated with REVERSE MORTGAGES.  You Madam, knew the UK experience and dangers.  Filled with greed, you engineered these products of abomination and introduced them to St George Bank.  You then ambitiously headed over to Westpac and did the same for those shareholders using identical faulty products and including Low Docs.  You then suggested you purchase St George knowing the dirty loan packages that the bundle contained.  

All the while YOU KNEW that each bank had SKIPPY THE INCOME FUDGING LOAN COMPUTER to blindly accept all of these troubled loan application forms for Low Docs.  You then blamed the broker and ASIC failed to investigate THE ENGINEERS.  How did that happen?

Was that your idea?

If you force the issue and demand the home be handed over  and for Adam and his Mum to be thrown out into the street, I will alert every media outlet in the country - bank on it!  By the way, we want compensation for every wretched payment you stole from them.

You made  big fat obscene bonuses for yourself and your six children, riding on the backs of people such as Adam.  

Shame on you Madam Bankster. Shame.  If you wish to make this personal it's because it is personal.  These are real people whose lives you are attempting to reduce to a rubble of misery.  The carnage has to end.  The buck stops with you and, your deeds as chief steward must by necessity be exposed in a Royal Commission.    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.