Future homelessness will rival the great depression unless we collectively call for ROYAL COMMISSION NOW.

You can now start to see futuristic stats emerging..............................

Casualty LIST of those affected by LACK OF CLEAN UP and lack of response from the Australian Federal Government:  

Mortgage holders who were given buffer monies to mask UNAFFORDABILITY of sub prime

  • Property owners as market bubble bursts
  • Sellers of products as downturn bites
  • Shareholders who trust the banking system
  • Depositors who trust the Banks
  • Small businesses who rely on small truthful loans
  • Governments who ignore the elephant in the room
  • High wealth aussies re bail out bank strategies

And all the flow on effects: jobs, health, divorces, suicides and homelessness costing centrelink....massive!

AND, THE WINNERS ARE....CEO'S of Major Lenders paid up to $100 million for five years carnage......................all criminal of course.  Where is the JUSTICE?

CLEAN UP TIME and recognition that SELF REGULATION only works to pump up the market and then let it burst in a BIG ECONOMIC BUBBLE

READ:  Bubble Economics: Australian Land Speculation 1830 – 2013, has been published through the World Economics Association website, at http://www.worldeconomicsassociation.org/books


Chapter on fraud “3.6 The Emergence of Fraudulent Mortgage Lending” can be found on page 621.