BIG CRIME DESERVES BIG TIME:  President Obama needs to get a  grip!  "SACK LANNY"

A group of American whistle blowers were willing to speak out to cameras and talk to a single feature film producer.  Yet the Chief Prosecutor for the US Justice Department (ie No Justice) gave feeble excuses for four years post GFC  doing bugger all to prosecute anyone.  Lanny Breuer could find no evidence!    In fact NOT ONE WALL STREET VILLAIN HAS BEEN CHARGED.  Not One!!!  Lanny Breuer you are a miserable excuse for a prosecutor. You should work for Australian Securities Investment Commission ("ASIC") who sit around all day and bleat "we can find no evidence of fraud in mortgages loans"  that the public have come to know as LIAR LOANs.

Lanny you could also become part of the WIGGLES and we could then say WAKE UP LANNY THE LIAR.

The Chief Bumbling Prosecutor - friend of the Banksters of Wall Street - just oozed excuse after excuse for zero results in the biggest mortgage fraud and Wall Street swindle that brought the nation to its knees.  If Lanny cannot find the fraud he needs to be sacked and replaced immediately!

The whistle blowers and the Senators with balls - stand up and decry what the Wall Street Banksters had been doing for years.  These people were the heroes   The intrepid reporter nailed the ugly truth.  Truth came splashing out in every frame of this remarkable Four Corners edition.  So, powerful is this piece of television that it needs to be watched three times.

No longer can we sit back and say we know what has happened but instead we should be shouting "what can we do to expose these vile banking activities?"  Four Corners begs for all whistle blowers to tell the truth as to what was going on inside these hideously corrupt banks.

ASIC has not been aiming high enough - nowhere near it.......  This scandal In Australia is very much along the same lines all the way to the top.

Basic due diligence was stifled and allowing "free markets to become a free-for-all."    We have people in high places in Australia who have a touch of the Lanny's and Lanny freely admitted  "we feared prosecutions may hurt the free markets.


LANNY'S JOB WAS TO PROSECUTE VILLAINS not morally contemplate the markets.  How screwed up can you be:  "better to let everyone lose their homes?"

Bear Stearns was rotten to the core.  JP Morgans is no better and the list goes on for miles.  Goldman Sachs caused the Great Depression 1929.................. Australian banks are one third owned by these American parasites.  ITS GAMBLING - why aren't the Gaming Authorities speaking out and rounding up a  few Banksters for gambling (shorting) with other people's money?  The Mortgage Market became the quintessential race track, producing a global international gambling racket, and YOUR HOMES were at stake?  

Why didn't President Obama sack Lanny Breuer three years ago?  For the same reason the Australian Government refuses to sack Greg Medcraft, refuses to hold a Royal Commission into Banking and Finance, and rufuses to appoint a Prosecution team to go after these Banksters.

The Australian Banks must be forced to hand over the figures:  what % of mortgage loans make up their profits?  Is it > 60%?

We the people want Free Markets that are FREE of deception and FREE of conflicts of interests.  If we cannot have that then we need heavily regulated banks and heavily prosecuted Banksters.

As Chuck Grassley said: "they are not even prepared to Investigate....."  That's easy speak for COVER-UPS.  The under-writers KNEW what was going on and turned it into a party whilst elderly people, middle-aged people and young people were being kicked out of their homes.

For the Savings and Loans crisis in the eighties there were 1000 investigators on the beat and even that was obstructed at times by men in high palaces.  Yet, the American Justice Department led by Lanny only had 250 useless investigators for 52 states!!!

Here is Australia ASIC has 300 useless investigators who also say: "we are blind as bats as we see no evidence...."

As always corrupted regulators look for the small minnows and allow the sharks to swim freely to gather more prey.  

So what was the evidence that the whistle blowers delivered?  80-% of loans examined were fraudulent and a game was played called: "getta loada this one".... amidst laughter at what the Bankster Barons were doing. "A waitress on $12,000 a month!" LOL  Eveyr loan was approved and Bankster Chief had car number plates saying "fundem"  if loan app presented "fundem"  NO ONE REJECTED and same here in AUSTRALIA.

Instructions from leaders were given to the underwriters "do not mention the word fraud......." instead underwriter inspectors were told to say to say "looks reasonable to me."

Of course this same problem is rife here in Australia.  Of course it is and we have the proof!  In America "80% of loans did not meet policy."  

In Australia we have proved by our communal efforts and surveys that 100% of LOW DOC documentation is tampered with and the industry is riddled with crooked loans that do not meet acceptable policy in any language.

These "rotten to the core" Banksters, across many countries, fueled by their own insatiable GREED & selfishness, manufactured faulty loan products that were doomed to fail within seven years.  Mr and Mrs Decent Average  Hardworking Citizen would be wiped out financially in less than a decade.  Then the BIGGEST LAF of all:  Banksters would blackmail the Government into taxpayer funded bail-outs.

The first bail-out in 2005 (3 years prior to the GFC) here in Australia, was a privately owned bank already under ASIC investigation.  Go figure.

I just cannot believe us Aussies would stand by as spectators and watch this diabolical corruption unfold.  I have been watching this Financial Tsunami for the past 15 years.  Who is watching the Watchdogs I asked in 2001?

Australia needs to show the rest of the world what we are truly made of and demand the BANKSTERS BE HANDCUFFED, CHARGED, LOCKED UP AND THE KEYS THROWN AWAY.  Just the same way as house keys have been thrown away all of this time.

Not even the suicides stopped these morons from stealing homes.  $100 billion worth of dirty loans and rising.  Do we just sit back and watch ASIC and the Government do nothing?   

 Time for us aussies to jump out of the trenches.            This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.