CEC just called - 6000+ was early yesterday morning so the count will rise for they were still flooding in - Malcolm Fraser wrote one I believe pushing for Glass Steagall!    from Gladys.........................



27th August, 2014
Public floods Financial System Inquiry with 6,000+ submissions—not happy, Joe

The Australian public has overwhelmed Joe Hockey’s Financial System Inquiry with more than 6,000 second-round submissions, a massive increase on the 280 submissions made in the first round.

The sheer volume of submissions sends a clear message: Australians are not happy with the state of the financial system, nor the direction in which the FSI is heading, evidenced by its interim report.

Former ANZ Bank director John Dahlsen spoke for many Australians who have monitored the inquiry when he charged in his second-round submission, “The interim report has been prepared by bankers, on behalf of bankers, for bankers.” (Australian Financial Review 18 August 2014.)