Dear Mr Medcraft


I have posted this letter to you but, as the matter is of some urgency I have decided to communicate with you via email.

The attached case is relating to a West Australian couple who have discovered proof of fraud by the bank officer.

We have the proof and know the identity of the officer.

We have uncovered unrelated witnesses who were treated in the same manner earlier and by the same person of interest – the bank officer.

Apart from the fact the matter is one of an IMPRUDENT LEND by Legacy Financial, J P Morgan Trust Australia Ltd and then on sold to Bank of New York Trust Australia Ltd, Mr Terence and his wife Marlene have been left to fend for themselves in court without responsible representation.  Once again this involves an elderly couple and their battle to stay in their own home.

The WA Supreme Court found against them in the first round.

However the evidence is shocking.

A lawyer has assisted recently and managed to be granted leave to Appeal.  However, the Court has ordered the couple come up with a surety of $225,000 by mid next week.

I have organised for a television crew to bring this and another story out into the public arena.

Two years ago this family wrote to ASIC and received no attention at all.

They then wrote to FOS and were dealt with by someone I would not have recommended for other reasons and who was inappropriately placed  as case manager.

Predictably, everyone failed to properly investigate this matter.  Had they done so, they may have discovered the documents we have discovered leading to the crime scene.

This case highlights the very reason why people such as these feel the system has left them with an inability to defend their position of saving their home.

Instead of trying to lay blame I am offering ASIC the chance to redeem themselves by sending in lawyers and, to provide funds to represent themselves in court.

Secondly, perhaps ASIC may start to look at taking action against bank officers who were certainly involved in these frauds in the Low Doc Market.

Leadership is required and for this case to be made top priority in showing the public that ASIC can be relied up as you are suggesting.


Kind Regards

Denise Brailey