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BFCSA investigates fraud involving lenders, spruikers and financial planners worldwide.  Full Doc, Low Doc, No Doc loans, Lines of Credit and Buffer loans appear to be normal profit making financial products, however, these loans are set to implode within seven years.  For the past two decades, Ms Brailey, President of BFCSA (Inc), has been a tireless campaigner, championing the cause of older and low income people around the Globe who have fallen victim to banking and finance scams.  She has found that people of all ages are being targeted by Bankers offering faulty lending products. BFCSA warn that anyone who has signed up for one of these financial products, is in grave danger of losing their home.


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Led by award-winning consumer advocate Denise Brailey, BFCSA (Inc) are a group of people who are concerned about the appalling growth of Loan Fraud around the world. BFCSA (Inc) is a not for profit organisation in the spirit of global community concern and justice.

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BFCSA: Mr Medcraft - Get a WARRANT, demand the Service Calculator - Conduct a Raid on Banks

Posted by on in Corrupt Regulators
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Dear Mr Medcraft

Take a tip from  our Members:  Go down to your nearest Banksters - no not for lunch - take an army of ASIC officers and, taking a search warrant with you to go over the premises may come in handy.  But since they are your buddies they will let you in anyway.  Ask for the $57 Billion Tour!

Yes I realise your officers are not used to search warrants.  Ask the AFP to join you or, let us know and we can assist you.  Demand to see every Service Calculator Form that inhabits the client files and contains financial information personal to the customer.  The Mortgage customers wish you to do this on their behalf. Its the least you can do, due to all the losses ASIC has caused and for those victims in the future.

Look at the Service Calculator and and the Loan Application Form.  Your officers should have a walloping Golly Gosh moment!  If they do not and instead say to you: "we see nothing." just call me and I will EXPLAIN in very simple terms what the fraud is.

You see, the Banksters know what the fraud is, the created and covered it up with a few lousy lunches.  The Brokers know what the fraud is NOW, as they have been stitched up by the Banksters to unfairly take the blame.  The customers know what the fraud is...they've figured it out and are not amused!

I know what the fraud is as I have researched the Bank Fraud for past ten years.  Your Commissioners and ex Commissioners and predecessors know as I have briefed them many times and I am weary of doing so.

The world knows what the Bank Fraud is because their property markets have collapsed along with a  few million other businesses.  Our bubble hasn't burst as yet.  But hang in there as it will happen, but then you know that.  Banksters must be saying: "Do we prick the Bubble yet Greggie?"  You must be saying: "not until after I am relocated......after the next election."

Yes the Banksters are in control of everyone including the Government.  Now if you have trouble with this suggested task of demanding documents, just send me a ticket and I will fly over and meet with you......special effort on my part.

Please send me a text on the day of the Raid as my Members like to be kept informed.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





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  • doyla66
    doyla66 Monday, 03 December 2012

    Bank$ter Valuations: "let the bastards eat them for lunch"

    David, let them 'eat' their valuations for lunch, --as the "deemed-bank$ter-val" at time of loan now translates to "loss-of-deemed-sale-proceeds", premised on otherwise selling the property(at that time) vis a vis retaining via an "asset-lend".

    FOS do not have the power within their "terms of reference" to independently "review" or challenge valuations (as it relates to bank$ter-risk), nor are you professionally qualified to dispute same, so perhaps simply go with the flow and rely on 'their' purported valuation amount to then calculate an appropriate compensation outcome?

    If the valuation was accepted by the lender then, it must be acceptable NOW to calculate appropriate & reasonable "deemed" losses(approx,$420k on one item alone + recognised losses are indeed not limited to any one item).

    --also don't forget to add an "interest-lost" item, on those "deemed" sale funds otherwise "deemed" to have been deposited into a nice safe (= govt-insured) "term-account", over say 5yrs?.. at the going-rate "on the day the loan agreement was entered"... (6% +/- ?)

    ...maybe 2 loan accounts on same property ...2 x FOS 'claims' under one concurrent complaint? FOS 'compo'.. up to $280K per claim "not exceeding" $500k, respectively! for thought...

  • doyla66
    doyla66 Monday, 03 December 2012

    Have 4 Loan applications from 2005 to 2009 for business and personal loans. All done with no financials from us and filled in incorrectly by bank managers or brokers for 2 different banks. Have received emails saying they will not hand over service calculator. Had the excuse that they lost an application. Over valued my home by $300,000 to cover the LVR but when the crunch comes all of a sudden the property has lost $420,000 in 2 years. All the banks are scammers and the managers gave money away if you could afford it or not so they keep up there KPI for there next review simple as that.

  • doyla66
    doyla66 Monday, 03 December 2012

    Come on Medcraft, earn your big bucks

    Actually do your job and something ethical to earn your pay. Train your staff to use the legal facilities they should have. Bring a bankster to justice, show you can do it! Its YOUR JOB!

  • doyla66
    doyla66 Monday, 03 December 2012

    It's always nice to see new people comming on to the blogs so a warm welcome to each of you and so glad you found us. You are now in the right place to get the help and support needed.

  • doyla66
    doyla66 Monday, 03 December 2012

    Gee Denise, you are still providing free advice to them

    The only problem is - is that they are far too dumb to understand the assistance & advice you so 'freely' give them.

    It is NOT your place to do THEIR jobs for them however, without your nouse these bumbling himbo's would flounder even more. Memo to those galahs (oops, pollies): how about providing some financial incentive to the superior advice provided by Denise? After all, her service provides genuine consumer protection.

  • doyla66
    doyla66 Monday, 03 December 2012

    Mr Medcraft - We are one case of thousands; a couple aged 59 in WA, who have fallen victim of the fraud Ms Brailey refers to. Our loan was arranged through Bankwest and their broker in June 2007. Since then, our lives have become hell, as we suffered over 5 years on the road to financial ruin. Yes - the $500k loan was far in excess of our capacity to repay. Yes - the income figures were 'fudged' way above our true incomes we provided. May we ask you a question, as you ponder why on earth you took your present appointment? It is this - how would you feel if you were in our shoes? On the verge of bankruptcy, a few months before age 60, with NOTHING left to retire on, health failing under the stress, a wife who looks sadly at you with fear in her eyes, and says, "where are we going to live?". We URGE you, Mr Medcraft, to consider your conscience and importantly, what history will say about you, if you stand by and do nothing. You could seriously become a valued 'hero' in the big picture, if you are instrumental in bringing the perpetrators (bankers) to account. There are many thousands in our Australia who will applaud you.

  • doyla66
    doyla66 Monday, 03 December 2012

    Mr Medcraft, Brian is right - if you do the right thing by the people you will always be remembered throughout history for your couragous stance of rightousness as the remarkable CEO who stood against injustice for the Australian bank fraud victims and it could be the start of a great banking revolution which you have taken a proud leading part in. Search your conscience Greg and it will lead you in the right direction.
    Wouldn't this be better than being remembered as the cruel, uncaring person who everybody hates with a passion?? going down this road will surely lead you to self hatred and from there it's a downward slide into oblivion.

  • doyla66
    doyla66 Monday, 03 December 2012

    Mr Medcraft, is there not enough of us who have been touched by this fraud??? one would have thought that one person affected would be enough to make ASIC sit up and take notice of what the BANKSTERS are doing to rip us off....If the banks have nothing to hide why will they not willingly hand over documentation when they are asked for it....come on Mr Medcraft, please stand up for what is right, please stand up for those of us that cannot fight the banks with their billions, we need someone with the power and authority to 'spear' the banks in their achillies heels!!!

  • doyla66
    doyla66 Monday, 03 December 2012

    Mr Medcraft, money is the root of all evil as it has proven in this great Australian banking scandal. The greed for money has caused so much permanent destruction in families, not to mention the impending downfall of our economy. Is money so very important to you that you and all your buddies will continue this madness all for the sake of the almighty dollar? Because of gluttony, people have suicided as they had no hope left in the world when the banks unlawfully stole their home. Put yourself in our shoes and see how it feels to have everything you own taken from you. Think long and hard about this. When you become an old man you will realise that what i'm saying is true and that money is not important. I'm talking about the money that doesn't belong to you and your cronies, the one you all steal by taking other people's castles. You will regret your present behaviour when you're old but undoing the damage will be impossible. SO PLEASE STOP THIS MADNESS NOW WHILE YOU STILL HAVE THE CHANCE.

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