Celebrated Artist Margaret Girle, has agreed to assist us with her skills as an artist and cartoonist.

Watch the CARTOON Button above...........almost loaded and then welcome new cartoons every Friday and Monday....time to laugh a lot on those two days.  Yes folks, despite the despair of Banksters trying to steal homes, despite the dodgy home loans and tragedies, despite the regulators continually saying "there is little we can do...", our BFCSA COMMUNITY does have a very funny sense of humour.

Stay Tuned.  Meanwhile ring your favourite shock jock on radio and tell your story about what the Banksters did to your lives, wives, off-spring, parents and lovers.  Its almost AUTUMN and time for a BIG BFCSA CYBER BUSY BEE.

Your turn to do something and be thankful BFCSA is in existence in a major way.  What of your SKILLS can benefit all of us as a BFCSA Community?

Its your issue and you need to own it.  You need 1000 VOICES out there warning every citizen of what the Banksters were doing the past 28 years of deregulation..... a Bankster feast and free-for-all

Were you told YOUR LOAN was the "cheapest" on the market?

Were you told the Banksters profited by $80,000 average per loan?  That's 25% of the average home loan?

Were regulators watching the charade?  YES.  Did they do anything to alert the Australian Federal Police?  NO

Ideas for Cartoons?  TELL US

Ideas for Media Release?  TELL US

You rang your favourite RADIO STATION?  TELL US.

So many of you have said: CAN WE HELP YOU?  Yes your turn and time starts NOW.

Pick up your brooms and help us all clean up this corrupted and morally bankrupt industry.

Please write to EVERY Federal MP in the country, every candidate.  Who can pump out multi emails?

Message to all Banksters: we are coming after each one of you.  There will be A ROYAL COMMISSION INTO BANKS.

Whistleblowers need to come forward now or sadly, you will be made the scapegoats.

If you are thinking of getting a MORTGAGE from a NON BANK LENDERS - say NO - as there is no legislative protection.

If you are thinking of getting a MORTGAGE for a Business Loan - say NO - as there is no legislative protection.

If you are thinking of getting a MORTGAGE for a home or investment property and you are unsure if your lender is on our hit-list as a major and repeat offender, emails us today - before you sign.

If you admire our efforts and want to assist JOIN US TODAY and fell good about yourself......................

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