We at BFCSA have been cleaning up Pepper's dirty Home Loans for some time now.

They have been caviler about taking other mortgage management contracts from other bad lenders.  They are a shocker to deal with.  Our suggestion: Stay away from Pepper Home Loans.  COSL has only managed to compound these problem by their stupid attitude towards consumers and  particularly the outrageous treatment of pensioners caught in Low Doc Loan Scams.

Note to PEPPERS:  You cannot profit from a fraud.

Note to COSL:  Your attitude has made a mockery of investigations - you investigate the complaint and blame them!

ASIC should be dismantled and turned into a corporate public library that informs the public of bad banking practices.  The information you sell for over-bloated prices is free in other respectable countries.  We the taxpayer own that information and you wish to sell it back to us?????

The Federal Government should stop using ASIC as a cash-cow on the pretense it is a consumer protector.

We are watching you all and noting your bad behaviour and poor attitude to consumers


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