Dear Mr Negus

Your recent denials of any crime being committed against the Commonwealth are disturbingly short sighted.

The problem we have as concerned citizens is rapidly spreading to all agencies of the Federal Government.  On the issue of the now obvious Australian Banking Cartel and systemic issues of fraud: none of our regulatory and enforcement agencies have bothered to  investigate even one of the serious allegations we have raised, whereby up to 100,000 families are genuinely thought to be affected by widespread fraud in lending.

We have gathered sufficient evidence to prove the Australian Banking Cartel involves over 36 Lenders.  It's as simple as "ABC."  It appears all regulatory agencies are in cover-up mode as evidenced by their own testimony to Parliament in August, giving false and misleading evidence in the Senate Hearings into Banking Post GFC Inquiry.  The size and scale of this fraud appears to have permeated the Office of the Australian Office of Financial Management ("AOFM") and certainly the Australian Securities and Investment Commission ("ASIC") and possibly our Federal Treasury.  

Could you please inform our Members, what part of the allegations you consider is unworthy of a preliminary investigation, just on the off-chance the BFCSA findings are correct.  Our Members have sent you over 400 individual complaints against the Banks involved.  Your officers rejected everyone of those cases without bothering to ask one question.

Therefore, it is fair to assume a Commonwealth offence has been committed by you Sir.  At the very least a misjudgment has occurred.  Not one case has been investigated by the AFP and all letters were unceremoniously "given the flick."  We have a right to ask, how can your legal advisers suggest there are no systemic issue involved and no crimes have been committed against the Parliament?  

You say:

"The AFP is the primary law enforcement agency responsible for investigating crimes against the Commonwealth of Australia. From the information you have provided, it appears that no applicable Commonwealth offences have been committed and therefore the matters raised cannot be investigated by the AFP. You may wish to obtain independent legal advice to clarify this."

Yes, the AFP is the primary law enforcement agency in Australia.  It appears we now need to ask the Prime Minister to issue immediate and urgent orders to the AFP to investigate every one of these complaints.  Banksters defrauding clientele in an elaborate scheme has been disgracefully hidden from the public for two decades.  Other agencies may have referred this matter to the AFP in the past.  Given the suspected $80 Billion fraud, our Members would not be surprised if there has been significant "buck-passing" in recent times.  The issue of Low Doc Loans, No Doc Loans and 10% of Full Doc Loans could throw our economy into a spin and seriously affect all members of our Commonwealth.


Let us be perfectly clear about these allegations that you Sir,  have failed to even open the envelope on:-

  1. Tampering of documentation after signature has been taken and without the borrower's knowledge or consent IS A CRIME.
  2. Fraud and Forgery ARE CRIMES
  3. Maladministration in Lending IS A CRIME
  4. Forming a Bank Cartel for the purpose of illegal business IS A CRIME
  5. Lying to the Federal Parliament by either direct untruths or by omission IS A CRIME
  6. Misleading the Australian Prudential Regulations Authority by providing "fudged" data IS A CRIME

Collectively, all of these crimes add up to CRIMES AGAINST THE COMMONWEALTH and if left to continue could collapse the economy.  We all need to practice some consequential thinking here.

The date of the last loan written for an unsuspecting Australian citizen that is known to us:  two days ago by a Major Bank.  These Crimes continue and will continue into the next decade with disastrous consequences.

Deal with it please, as a matter of urgency.  If called upon, I am only to happy to brief your officers in person.  Please provide white-board.

Yours sincerely,

Denise Brailey,  BLS, Ba Crim, Ba PolSc, Adv Dip Acc.