26th June 2019

Chairman of ASIC

On 16th April 2018, following due diligence, my wife and I signed a 40 year lease worth $254,000 through a Silverlink Investment Plan with Sterling New Life. Little did we know that SNL operations had been under ASIC investigation for some time. Had we known this we would not have proceeded. ASIC failed in its duty of care to the consumer.

We hold ASIC responsible for the loss of most of our savings and for the modestly safe retirement we were seeking to secure. We are seeking redress for ourselves and the many others who were similarly negligently deceived while it was ASIC’s duty of care to act and prevent the continuing scandalous behaviour of the SNL directrors.

We believe redress should include urgent compensation in full of all monies invested and lost in the Sterling New Life companies.  They represent the hard earned life savings of ordinary people who were merely seeking a safe retirement.



Yours sincerely