Does this include any laws that could adversely impact Australian consumer protection?

The debates will occur around the same time as the Senate Inquiry into ASIC. I hope the good Senators who have seen the submissions and evidence will be available to participate in protecting consumer rights and applying wisdom to the planned repeals.

If the loss of the normal requirement to retain wet ink originals of legal documents like Bank Loan Application Forms is any indication of what we're in for and the quality of parliamentary advice, we had better check every one of those 8000 laws destined for the dust bin!










The Abbott govt is planning a 'repeal day' in parliament hoping to axe over 8000 federal laws.

The Abbott government is planning a "repeal day'' in parliament in March when it hopes to axe more than 8000 federal laws in a push to cut red tape costs.
The Australian reports that the "repeal day'' is scheduled for the final parliamentary sitting week in March and is part of a federal government plan to slash red tape by $1 billion a year.
The Statute Law Revision Bill and the Amending Acts 1901-1969 Bill will propose slashing 8000 redundant laws going back around 100 years.
On the same day, parliament will be presented with a number of bills proposing the repeal of "burdensome regulations''.
The bills are to be debated in the coming weeks, with the government reportedly claiming they'll represent the "biggest single reduction in federal laws ever put before the commonwealth parliament''.
The "repeal day'' concept is said to be borrowed from the US, where congress has regular repeal days.
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