The hits keep on coming from around the world and guess what we have now discovered?  United Kingdom, New Zealand, Indonesia, Ireland, whole of Europe including Italy, Spain, Iceland, France and Greece, South Africa, the United States and so many many other countries.  No doubt China and Russia are included.  We have yet to make contact with those people all though they are watching (see cluster map).   BFCSA has now alerted other nations that NO ONE RECEIVED COPY OF LOAN APPLICATION FORM at point of signing.  Bank Fraud is everywhere - Global problem, exposing the obvious corruption inside Governments that all our over-bloated and overpaid moron regulators were "unable to find any systemic issues!!!!  

The proof of widespread raping and pillaging of bank accounts, savings and assets by EVIL BANKSTERS is a Global Crisis is contained in the hidden documents.   The clue is to KNOW WHAT DOCS TO ASK FOR.   Our International Members are telling us that "WOW, you should see all the stuff that was filled in AFTER we signed.  We had no idea......!"   Sound familiar?  Mama Mia indeed.  We are teaching everyone Globally to ask the bank for their copies of the LAF.  People affected who have followed out instructions have emailed back to me with utter disbelief.  Yes people are rioting but they have yet to discover the mechanics of how the Low Doc Loan Scandal become the favourite game of the Global Bankster Cartel.

THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAIL....................your very own file kept inside the bank vaults and hidden in more secret places than Van Gogh's paintings.

Yes and the SERVICE CALCULATOR was a Global Tool/Weapon to hide the TRUTH.  

How is it that 36% of all loans in Australia were arranged by Brokers involved and the same fraud appears?

How is it that 18% of total sample survey participants reported that their fraudulent and imprudent- unaffordable loan was a FULL DOC and also set to implode within five years.

Bank Fraud is not a one nation problem.....its an Oi Oi Oi GLOBAL BANK CRISIS.

Australia is at least five years behind the rest of the world in experiencing the effects of widespread bank fraud and the number of foreclosures.   BUT, they are ahead of the world in discovering how the fraud was perpetrated and which documents have been hidden. Our members are four years in front on that one.

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